Gas Prices Drop By 10 Cents, Chicago Has Nation's Most Expensive Gas

Gas prices have dropped by about $0.10 this week according to a national survey quoted by CNN Money.

Sadly for those of you in Chicagoland your average gas price is still $3.15—even though the nationwide average has sunk to $2.78. May’s peak national average was $3.18.

Sorry, Chicago.

Here are a few prices from other cities:

-St. Louis, Mo.: $2.52

-Baton Rouge, La.: $2.65

-Houston: $2.66

-Atlanta: $2.72

-Boston: $2.78

-Washington: $2.84

-Boise, Idaho: $2.94

-Los Angeles: $2.85

Survey: Gas prices drop a dime [CNN Money]

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