Vonage CSR: "Customer Lacks The Courage To Stay With Us Due To Litigation"

Reader Tony was called a coward by a Vonage customer service representative for canceling out of fear that Verizon’s unstoppable legal onslaught would result in service disruptions. Tony canceled only after Vonage was unable to explain their contingency plans for handling an interruption. One Vonage CSR didn’t realize that Tony was exactly the sort of customer that might return to Vonage if ever they prevail against Verizon’s team of

ber-lawyers. The CSR explained as he typed that he was listing Tony’s reason for canceling as: “Customer… lacks… the… courage… to… stay… with… us… due… to… litigation.” Tony’s letter to Vonage, after the jump:

I have decided to cancel my Vonage with mixed feelings. On one hand, I really enjoyed the quality of the technology your company provided. I don’t have any complaints about any technical issues with Vonage. I also stand behind Vonage during your litigation with Verizon. I have always felt that Verizon’s law suit was unfounded and Vonage will eventually prevail.

On the other hand, the lack of professionalism and information from Vonage’s customer service department has forced me to leave for another VoIP company. A large unanswered question that led to me finally moving on was “What is your contingency plan so my service isn’t interrupted?” I think it would be beneficial to current customers if the customer service department had this answer to pass on. I felt I should also pass on that there is a very slim chance that I would return to Vonage after the treatment I received on the phone yesterday when I called to cancel my service.

Along with the customer service rep (“Calvin” I believe, but don’t remember for sure) complaining to me about the previous customer he just talked with (including the customers inability to pay his bill), complaining to and conducting conversations with fellow co-workers while on the phone with me, and finally, as he was typing my reason for leaving Vonage, saying “Customer… lacks… the… courage… to… stay… with… us… due… to… litigation.”

Needless to say, after hearing that, I was shocked and decided that there wasn’t any way that I would return to Vonage with this kind of treatment. So with that, I wanted to pass on a wish of “good luck,” especially with Verizon, and a thank you for the high quality of VoIP service I received.



Of his letter, Tony says: “I never heard back, but I really didn’t expect to, either.” Now that is how you burn a bridge.

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