US Airways Cancels 530 Flights, Lets Passengers Sit On Tarmac 6 Hours With Overflowing Toilets, No Water

ABC 6 in Philadelphia is reporting that US Airways canceled 530 flights on Thursday, 130 of them out of the much maligned Philadelphia International Airport.

Burt Cole spent six hours on a plane on the tarmac to find out hours after that his flight was canceled. “On the runway for six hours, with only one engine going, so the air conditioner was only half working,” said Burt. “The toilet started overflowing. They were out of drinks on the airplane. This was U.S. Air. I hope they’re watching.”

But US Airways insists bad weather coming from the west was the culprit. According to the airline, the weather created a backlog keeping some passengers stranded on the tarmac for up to 6 hours.

If you’re flying US Airways this weekend you might want to make other plans just in case: “US Airways says it is trying its best to play catch up, but with the weekend approaching, passengers may find it difficult to find another flight.”

Frustration for Travelers at PHL [ABC 6] (Thanks, Dariush!)
(Photo:Meghann Marco)