Make Your Own Bacon!

We can’t believe we’re posting this, considering we follow a largely vegetarian diet – but it’s bacon, mmm… [Homer-style drool] For all you do-it-yourself foodies, and for those of you who want to exert a little more control over where your food comes from, Dave at the BSBrewing blog provides a step-by-step guide (with photos!) to curing your own bacon at home.

When we were growing up, our parents sometimes bought our pork from local butchers; they even bought pigs for slaughter on occasion. In the grand scheme of things (at least if you agree with Michael Pollan’s approach to non-industrialized food), it’s a lot more humane, and you get the satisfaction of having a hand in creating your own food. If you can find a local farm or butcher, you can fill your belly with delicious pork product without being forced to participate in the over-industrialized modern meat industry.

And, mmmm, bacon

An Animal’s Place [Michael Pollan in the New York Times, reprinted at]
Makin Bacon [ via Metafilter]

(Photo: Getty)