Fisher-Price Being Investigated By CPSC Due To Shoddy Track Record Reporting Defects

Fisher-Price has a shoddy track record when it comes to reporting defects and “injuries from defects” to the Consumer Products Safety Commission.

When a company first receives a “credible” report that their company’s product has a defect that could “create a substantial risk of injury to the public,” the company has 24 hours to report it to the CPSC or they are in violation of federal law.

Back in 2002, Fisher-Price received a report that a nail-fastener had come loose from the “Little People Animal Sounds Farm.” It did not report this defect to the CPSC within 24 hours. In fact, it did not report the defect March 2003. By that time, Fisher-Price had received 33 reports that the nail-fastener had come loose, including 4 injuries. In one case a child had inhaled the nail fastener, which became lodged in his lung and required emergency surgery.

Fisher-Price was fined $975,000. Now the CPSC is taking a closer look at Fisher-Price’s most recent recall. A spokesperson told the AP that the CPSC was conducting an “an active and open” investigation into Fisher-Price, but declined to provide further details. Did the fine help motivate Fisher-Price into acting more responsibly this time?

CPSC Investigates Fisher-Price Recall [Forbes]

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  1. Snakeophelia says:

    I have nothing of importance to add, other than to say that, when I was little, I LIVED for the farmhouse playset shown above. One of my favorite toys ever, hands down. I can still hear the mooing sound the doors made when opened.

  2. revmatty says:

    Wait! Where are all the comments blaming this on the China poison train? Somehow this HAS to be the fault of the Chinese, not a good honest all American capitalist company that cares nothing about profits and has only the best interest of consumers at heart.

  3. junkmail says:

    @revmatty: uhh, you DO know what capitalism means, right?

  4. revmatty says:

    Note: I was being sarcastic.