My Best Financial Advice: Blueprint for Financial Prosperity

The Consumerist asked some top personal finance bloggers to give a short summary of their single best piece of financial advice. Here’s what Blueprint for Financial Prosperity had to say:

A balanced personal finance life is key. From saving for retirement to spending on lattes, making sure that your concentration and emphasis isn’t so focused on one aspect that it causes other aspects to suffer. Saving 90% of your salary for retirement is just as dangerous as spending 90% of your salary today, balance is crucial.

For more details, see My Single Best Piece of Personal Finance Advice.



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  1. uricmu says:

    Balance is key.

  2. Hahah, I wrote that bit of advice and as touchy feely as it may be, it’s something a lot of people ignore in search of the “right answer.” There is no right answer for what you should do because no one can predict the future but if you just don’t go to any of the extremes you’ll be okay.