Dyson Sends You A New Vacuum Because You Broke Yours

Reader Daniel is overjoyed. He broke his Dyson vacuum and when he called to see if he could buy a replacement part, he found that it was too expensive because you have to buy one whole half of the vacuum. So he said, “No Thanks.”

Dyson randomly sent him the part for free, anyway. Sadly, they sent the wrong half. Daniel writes:

So I’m vacuuming up something or other with my Dyson Root 6 hand-held vac. I’m going to put it back in its caddy when I drop it on the kitchen floor. D’oh! It’s not really damaged, but the catch release that holds the two sections together has a tab broken off. Without the tab the catch doesn’t sit properly and doesn’t hold the sections together. Annoying, but I’ll just call Dyson and see if I can buy that piece from them. No, I can’t, it seems:

You have to buy the whole section that includes the catch to the tune of 51 bucks. “No thanks,” I tell the rep, “I can probably just jury-rig something.” So imagine my surprise when a few days later I receive a package from Dyson containing one section of the vac. Unfortunately, it’s the wrong section. D’oh again! So I email them and thank them for the incredibly generous gesture they’ve shown me but since it’s the wrong part I want to send it back.

Two days later, I get an email back saying they’re sorry they sent the wrong section but I can keep it and they’ll be sending me the correct one! So the end result of this is because one tiny plastic tab broke due to my clumsiness, I am getting a new Dyson Root for free! This totally unnecessary and unwarranted kindness on Dyson’s part is unprecedented in any of my experiences dealing with a customer service issue. This incident is also a perfect example of why good customer service is so important. I have been thinking about replacing my upright vac for a few weeks now, but I wasn’t planning on paying a Dyson-like price for one. But thanks to their handling of my problem, my next vac (and most likely every other vac I buy) will be a Dyson.

Well, damn. That was pretty nice!


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