Apple Debits Money From The Wrong Account, Now You Can't Pay Your Mortgage

Julie would really like to pay her mortgage, but she can’t. Why not? Because when she tried to help her son buy a MacBook, Apple decided to debit $1517.27 from her account without permission. When she called to tell them they’d pulled the money from the wrong card, causing her account to over draft, they apologized and told her they’d fix it. Instead, they debited another $186 from Julie’s account, and another $1517.27 from her son’s account.

Now Apple has over $3300 of their money and they can’t pay their bills. Here’s Julie’s letter to Steve Jobs, which she cc’d to us:

Dear Mr. Jobs:

My name is Julie [redacted]. I would like you to be aware of the disappointing experience my son and I have had with the recent purchase of a Mac Book. I currently own a Mac Book. I really love the Mac products. In addition to the Mac Book we own 5 I Pods. Based on my recommendations, my son, James [redacted], decided to purchase a Mac Book. His first computer. He needed some financial help in buying the computer so I helped him.

This is where my nightmare begins.

Late on July 30, 2007, we used two separate credit cards to make the purchase, total price $1942.15. $1743.15 was to be charged to one card xxx-[redacted] (James’s) and $199 on the second card xxxx-[redacted](mine). This is how we asked for the order to be paid. The order went through without a problem. The order number is: [redacted]

On 1 August 2007, I had a charge pending in my account from Apple for $186.67. I this was not the $199 I expected. The next day, 2 August 2007 I found that Apple had a pending charge of $1517.27 on my account. And that my bank account was charged an overdraft fee of $70.00 for this transaction from Apple.

Needless to say I was very upset. I am a single mother with 3 children and cannot afford to have mistakes made with my money. First, I have never over drafted my bank account, second I have to pay my mortgage and third my account now does not have enough money in it for me to pay my mortgage.

James called Apple on 2 August 2007 and spoke with two different people. The first person, Clint, stated he would process it correctly. Dissatisfied with Clint’s’ response James called back. The second person James spoke with was a supervisor named, Derek. Derek explained to James that they “could not verify the address for card xxxx-[redacted] so they charged card xxxx-[redacted] (mine) for $1517.27 and card xxxx-[redacted] (James) for $25.77 and $212.44. James explained Derek my situation, i.e. the overdraft fee and needing to pay my mortgage. Derek stated that he would credit my account/card xxxx-[redacted] for the $1517.27 plus $150.00 to over the overdraft fee, put another charge through for the $199 and correctly charge card xxxx-[redacted]. I would see this reflected in my account after midnight.

I thought that is fair. I understand mistakes happen, but it was straightened out.

On 3 August I found Apple had charged my account the $1517.27 and $186.67 (total of $1703.94). James’ account had also been charged an additional $1504.94, for total of 1743.15. So, now Apple has over $3300 of our money.
James again called Apple on 3 August and spoke with the “supervisor of the day”. James states her name was Christine or Kristen. He couldn’t remember which. Either way she told James, she saw where things were “pending” but it might take up to 5 days for me to receive the money in my account. I knew this wasn’t true. You can get people their money almost immediately. This was then evidenced to me when I received a credit to my account of $124.23 when I check my account on the 4th of August 2007. Didn’t have to wait 5 days.

I have absolutely no idea where this number comes from. $124.23?

Why couldn’t Apple correctly credit my account for the $1517.27 plus $150 (overdraft, Clint stated he would do) and deduct the correct $199?

It is now the 5th of August, my mortgage is late and my bank account is over drafted.

I don’t think I could ever fully express to you my anger and frustration.

The mistake made by Apple in this purchase has caused me and my son great heartache.

I wish you could have seen how excited he was when he was picking out his new computer on line and the order went through. Unfortunately the error and lack of Apple’s ability to correct it in a timely manner has tainted his joy of having his first computer.

I was planning on purchasing another Mac Book for my daughter Lauren, who needs a computer for college. She is going to be freshman at NC State on the 18th of August 2007. I don’t think given the response I have had so far from Apple this far that it would be a wise.

While I am pleased with the Apple product, I am also angered by what has happened and not sure I would recommend Apple in the future.

I would appreciate your prompt response to this issue. I can’t imagine that I will have to wait another 4 days to receive my money and be able to pay my mortgage.

I can be reached via email at [redacted], cell phone [redacted], or at work [redacted] (I work on August 6th 7a to 7p).


Julie [redacted]

If Apple can refund $124.23 randomly, why not the rest of Julie’s money so that she can pay her mortgage? The foreclosure rate is bad enough these days without adding Julie to the stats!

Psst, not to make Julie’s bad day worse, but this sort of thing is why we recommend buying large electronics purchases with a credit card and not a debit card.

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