Home Depot Fires Four Corrupt Managers After Receiving Anonymous Tip

Don’t doubt the power of the unidentified tipster: Home Depot recently sacked four corrupt purchasing managers accused by a whistleblower of taking bribes. In exchange for the payoffs, the managers arranged for Home Depot to stock tiles and other flooring products from Asia. From the AP:

Jerry Shields, a spokesman for Home Depot, described the three men and one woman as lower-level managers. They were terminated two weeks ago for “not following company ethics and business conduct.” He could not say how long the employees had worked for Home Depot.

Don’t sit quietly if you witness unethical behavior. Tell us, complain to the company, create a website – just don’t stay silent.

Home Depot fires four in alleged kickback scheme [AP]
(Photo: Marike79)


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  1. Cowboys_fan says:

    So they have stores in China, but won’t say what asian countries the stuff is from? I think we know the answer…Now I wonder how these floor tiles are going to eventually poison us….this should be interesting.