Chili's Awesome Blossom Menu Picture Vs Reality

The Chili’s in Tuscaloosa, AL served Mike an “Awesome Blossom” that looks like it was run over by a truck. Mike didn’t complain to his waiter or the manager, but he did write to us:

We ordered our food and I ordered the “awesome blossom”. I’ve been a professional cook for 14 years and when I saw what I got I was personally offended. It looked to me like the cook had just scraped out the bottom of the deep fryer and threw it on the plate. I took a picture of the menu and our plate to show what they were advertising it as and what you actually get. They weren’t very busy, most of the tables were empty. It seemed to me the cook was just lazy.

Did I send it back? No. I don’t do that. Having worked in restaurants I know what often happens when food is sent back. Did I complain to the waiter? No. I didn’t see the point in that either. He was a nice guy, (we even gave him a pretty good tip) it was something beyond his control. So instead I silently fumed about it and vowed to never return to the restaurant. The sort of passive aggressive thing that probably happens thousands of times every night at restaurants all over the world that don’t deliver what they visually promise in their menus.

Mike, you are a paying customer; you should not have to stomach unacceptable food. A polite and quiet conversation with a manager wouldn’t have placed the blame undeservingly on the waiter, nor would it have subjected you to the possibly retributive wrath of a clearly reckless cook. If you haven’t already, send a letter to the corporate office.

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