Read Before You Click: Spirit Airlines Signs You Up For Club Membership and Travel Insurance

If you buy a ticket on Spirit Airlines’ website, the purchase screen has the nasty habit of prefilling options to buy travel insurance and join the Spirit Airlines fare club. And those fees? Nonrefundable, even if you cancel your membership. How nice.

The insurance tacks on $12 per person. The club may be worse: It charges $9 up front for a three-month trial offer, then it automatically renews for $29.95 a year. If you’re hastily clicking through, you might not notice the extra charges until you get the credit card statement.

“Opt-out” features stink for buyers, but are great for companies that like to prey on the careless or distracted. “Opt-in” is obviously far more consumer-friendly.

So remember to opt out of these features before you click purchase (unless of course you actually want them, in which case, enjoy!).

This is not the Spirit Airlines website and I can’t cancel your club membership… [Upgrade: Travel Better]