ExxonMobil Mails Customer 2,000 Credit Cards

ExxonMobil sent a box containing 1,000 credit cards to Frank Van Buren, who had requested two (2) new cards to replace one that was about to expire. The cards contained Frank’s name and account number, and would have worked right out of the box since ExxonMobil saw activation stickers as an unnecessary extravagance. Frank saved the two cards he had requested, and spent three hours shredding the remaining 1,000.

He thought that was that. Until another box arrived this week.

“How could you send me 2,000 cards by mistake?” Van Buren said he asked customer service after the second plastic payload arrived.

When he was again told that it was a mistake and that he should destroy these, too, he balked and said he’d rather return them.

“They refused to take them back,” he said.

Citibank, which issued the credit cards, apologized to Frank, and is investigating the incident with ExxonMobil.

“One of the main ways identity thieves work is by stealing credit cards right out of your mailbox,” added Zulfikar Ramzan, a security expert at software giant Symantec. “For all you know, there could be a third box that he didn’t get.”

Man orders 2 credit cards, receives 2,000 [New York Daily News] (Thanks to Sarah!)
(Photo: Michael_L)

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