If You Don't Keep AT&T For 60 Days,They'll Rip Out Your Wires

This guy uses a Packet8, a VoiP provider, but the reception from plugging his phone into the modem wasn’t very good, so he asks AT&T if he can hire them to install phone jacks.

They say, only with new service. He says, ok, can I cancel after that? They say, “sure.” So he does all that, including agreeing to pay them $400 for this installation, and enjoys his new phone reception. For about two hours.

Then, he hears some banging and he looks out his window to see AT&T workers ripping out all the wiring they had installed. Wiring that was now his property, on his property.

When he called to complain, customer service said it was “policy” to rip out the phone jacks if the customer doesn’t keep service for at least sixty days.

Now, while the phone company has every right to pull out the cords from the junction box, which they own, when the complainant had another contractor come in to fix the work, it turned out the AT&T techs had also butchered the wiring and jacks located in the customer’s crawlspace.

The customer said he called several electricians and every one he called said that they didn’t perform that kind of work and only AT&T did. The customer uploaded and linked to his service contracts and there doesn’t appear to be any kind of “60 day ripout” clause.

What a jerk move on AT&T’s part. If we were this guy, we would definitely file a complaint with the state public utilities commission.

AT&T trespasses on customer property, rips out wiring, says “we’ll do it again” [Free Advice] (Thanks to JU Dolphins!)
(Photo: Theerin)

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