TSA Will Screen Sky Harbor Airport 24/7, Instead Of Just 19.5/7

Following a hidden camera investigation appearing on Good Morning America, the TSA pledged to screen Phoenix Sky Harbor around the clock. Previously, the airport turned over airport screenings at night to security guards who let anyone with an employee badge walk through without scanning any of their carry-on. The TSA is a joke, but come on, at least keep up appearances.

PREVIOUSLY: Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport: Secured for Only 19.5 Hours Per Day


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  1. FijianTribe says:

    Should have created some fake badges and seen if the fakes could get through with large deliveries. People/Government never learns….

  2. Must be a slow news day.


  3. B says:

    If the TSA is worse than the terrorists, then not having them around is better than having them around, so 19.5/7 than 24/7

  4. belch says:

    This doesn’t change anything, the employees have their own back door anyway, with no TSA checkpoint. The only difference is that they have to punch in a passcode and swipe the badge, so it will be harder to fake.

  5. Rusted says:

    @belch: Depends which airport. One I was at, everyone got screened. Didn’t matter what they did.

  6. MariSama44 says:

    A stack of newspapers? Jesus. God forbid the employees get a New York Times, THERE MIGHT BE EXPLOSVIE INK ON IT. And knives. And a floor cleaner? …come on. this is getting rediculous.