Reader Says He Found Brains In His KFC

UPDATE: This is probably deep-fried small intestine, according to commenters, for some of whom finding this in their KFC is apparently a common occurrence.

John says he found some brain in his KFC chicken thigh in Raleigh, NC. We asked him if he was sure it wasn’t just skin and fat mixed together.

Pretty sure, yeah. Fat usually has more of a yellow tint, and is more gelatinous on chicken. This was a solid looking piece, a little more than 1/4th of an inch thick at the widest part, and it had the unmistakable “lines” that you see in the brain organ. It was also firm to the touch, unlike rubbery fat. If it was a piece of skin/fat, it sure pulled off a good look alike.

Look on the bright side; at least now we know KFC uses real chicken.

More gruesome pix, inside…

Says John,

Needless to say, we’re never eating at KFC again. (Especially after looking at these greasy close up shots.) It’s not worth the time to take it back to the store, seeing as how all they’d do is give us a gift certificate to come back.




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