Craigslist, Netflix and several other websites are down following six successive power outages in San Fran’s SOMA ‘hood. [Boing Boing]


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  1. loudguitars says:

    Was Netflix’s issue part of this problem, though? They were down for almost 24 hours, and the other sites were only out for a couple. Plus Netflix at least managed to get a “We’re working on it” message up, which other sites did not.

  2. jdorian says:

    Livejournal is also down.

    As per their status page:
    LiveJournal Status
    LiveJournal is down. There has been a power outage at our data center. We are working as quickly as possible to restore service.

    10:48 pm GMT (Tuesday, July 24)

  3. Rusted says:

    No excuse for not having backup power. Still remember that humongous monster at the ISP I worked for.

  4. morganlh85 says:

    Yeah, tell me about it. Been trying to get onto CL’s forums for hours. I’m experiencing withdrawal.

  5. AvatarZ says:

    I don’t know about these huge multi-million dollar companies but my company that deals under 200k a year works out of a data center that has power coming in from two different locations and promises power up within 1-2 minutes from generators (which will have oil trucks with refills) if both lines fail.

    This seems rather strange to me.

  6. dantsea says:

    365 Main (where these sites are located) was a former abovenet datacenter and is supposed to have all sorts of generators and a huge fuel tank to feed them. This site should be able to go days without power from the grid.

    The series of power outages we had in San Francisco happened in the afternoon, each lasted less than five minutes.

    I think 365 Main is going to have some serious explaining to do their clients.

  7. sdf632 says:

    so thats why craigslist was down…

    i thought it was something to do with colorado…

  8. formergr says:

    The Netflix outage has nothing to do with this. I posted a Motley Fool article under the Consumerist article about Netflix lowering their prices that discusses their almost 24-hr long outage that occurred when they tried to update the site to reflect the new prices.