Restaurant Week Returns To New York City

If you ever wanted a literal taste of the good life, this is your lucky week. Through the 27th, over 200 New York restaurants are throwing open their doors to New Yorkers on a budget. Participating restaurants offer a three-course prix fixe menu; $24.07 buys you lunch, while dinner costs $35.00. Some of the city’s top restaurants deign to welcome the relatively impoverished, including Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill, Le Cirque, and Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto’s Nobu. You can try to snag a reservation through OpenTable, but your best bet is to call restaurants directly. Don’t fret if traveling to New York is too much to sate your gluttony: Boston’s Restaurant Week starts on August 5th, with Washington’s starting the day after.

NYC Restaurant Week Summer 2007 []
NYC Restaurant Week [OpenTable]
Washington Restaurant Week []
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  1. Obtusegoose says:

    They just had to get that extra 7 cents… greedy bastards.

  2. EllEmmEff says:

    Baltimore is also hosting it’s second-annual Restaurant Week, from Tuesday July 30th to Saturday, August 5th. They’ve also started hosting a wintertime RW, to boost profits.

  3. hills says:

    breaking news – it’s also restaurant week in norfolk, virginia! (seriously, who needs NYC when you’ve got crabs?)

  4. Bix says:

    Morimoto hasn’t been at Nobu since 1999.

  5. FLConsumer says:

    Damn…wish this was one week later, I’m in NYC next week.

  6. vr4z06gt says:

    yea Northampton MA has this every year 3-5 courses depending on the place, for the same price as the year this year it was $20.07 next $20.08 get it, its actually a really good deal and EXTREMELY reasonable for good quality food.

  7. banned says:

    $35 is my grocery money for the week, make it $10 and maybe.

  8. kimdog says:

    I used to look forward to Restaurant Week in NYC, but I’ve been less than impressed the last couple of years. The “special” menus are usually lackluster. The food may be prepared well, but at many places it’s nothing special or original. You might do better on a lunch menu than a dinner menu. Bolo (Bobby Flay) was pretty good last year, though.

  9. Baltimore is doing it too:

  10. synergy says:

    @rocnrule: Ditto.

  11. alhypo says:

    Wow. That still seems like a lot.

    And could we please refer to Washington D.C. as “Washington D.C.”? It is only two extra letters if you leave out the periods. We could even call it something like “The District.” It even has an appropriately ominous flavor to it.

    I hate to complain, but the context isn’t always clear, and so I had to click the link to discover it was referring to the district and not the state. A link I would not have bothered with if I had known otherwise. So much energy wasted.

  12. acambras says:


    I hear ya. My aunt and uncle live near Seattle, and I always say something about “my aunt and uncle, in Washington…state.” I refer to our nation’s capital simply as DC.

    Here’s my pet peeve I’d like to see fixed:

    LA = Louisiana

    L.A. = Los Angeles

    Many times I’ll click through on a headline that I think is about the state where I used to live, but it’s about the city. “LA Archdiocese pays out millions” is different from “L.A. Archdiocese pays out millions.”

  13. All I can say is as soon as you know the dates, call and reserve ASAP. DC’s Restaurant Week for dinners usually gets locked up two weeks to a month in advance. Lunches, however, can be pretty easy to snag for small or large groups.

    @alhypo, I agree that distinction needs to be made, but did you think it was the entire state of Washington participating in it? According to the Seattle P-I, the 25 for $25 promotion starts this year on November 1.

  14. Wormfather says:

    @hillsrovey: “Who needs NYC when you have crabs”

    There’s a joke there just dying to get out.

  15. SEMMEagent says:

    @hillsrovey: You should have a doctor look at that.

  16. alicetheowl says:

    @rocnrule: I was going to say . . . $24.07 for one meal is CHEAP? I guess in NYC it is.

    And, similar to the grousing upthread, there IS a difference between NY and NYC. Ask anyone from Schenectady. ;)

  17. EllEmmEff says:

    @ alicetheowl: I live in Baltimore, which is also hosting its own RW, and this is the time of year that I jump on. Considering that in Baltimore I would pay upwards of $100 for two people at many of the restaurants who are participating in this event, getting a meal for $30/pop is a dream. $35 in NYC at Flay’s operation is something I wish on my little stars for.

    I guess this works only towards specific market consumers, but it’s also really good for the restaurants. :)

  18. alicetheowl says:

    Oh, there are definitely restaurants in the Asheville area where I’d happily pay $70 for two people. But calling it “for consumers on a budget” sounds strange to me. Not on MY budget, certainly! A friend in the aforementioned Schenectady pays that for groceries per MONTH.