Consumers wanting to effect change should think twice before publicly calling for a boycott. Sales of 5 Boroughs ice cream quadrupled after Staten Island Borough President Jim Molinaro called for boycott of the flavor “Staten Island Landfill.”


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  1. elf6c says:

    Let me be the first to post the Nelson Muntz “Ha Ha!”

    Mmmm, landfill. . . .

  2. WTRickman says:

    Sounds like ‘everyone’ is not quite as offended as ‘some people’ are.

  3. junkmail says:

    Oh, man, those sound good. The “Upper East Side Rich White Vanilla” had me giggling a little.

  4. HeyThereKiller says:

    Maybe if the offending flavor didn’t sound so goshdamn delicious, people would have actually boycotted…

    or maybe if Staten Island wasnt a waste of borough

  5. says:

    lolz yeah now i want some

    i think the only people who wouldn’t find this funny are touchy feely hippies (you know the type) living in the city…which is a contradiction because if you’re a hippy you SHOULDN’T BE LIVING IN THE CITY

    *end scene*

  6. backspinner says: I think hippies would find this hilarious. I would even venture to say that the owners of this independent ice cream business are somewhat hippie themselves. I think the people who wouldn’t find this funny are the SI Chamber of Commerce/Borough President types, and property owners who are trying to preserve their values.

  7. Youthier says:

    Is the issue that Staten Island now sounds too delicious? Because that ice cream sounds awesome.

  8. banned says:

    I just don’t see myself ever buying Landfill flavored iced cream, regardless of publicity.

  9. bluemeep says:

    @rocnrule: I imagine you can pick out the diapers and rat carcasses if they’re not to your fancy.

  10. rawsteak says:

    for a city that proclaims about how much stronger they are after 9/11, some people can really be petty about the dumbest things, like “landfill” ice cream.

    yes, i live in nyc. oh yes i did, i went there.

  11. Ncisfan says:

    haha cha cha chocolate I find that Hilarious ….. and I’m 1/4 Latino!!

  12. gtr225 says:

    I must assume that there is no crime or poverty in Staten Island and everyone must have health insurance too. If a politician is gonna waste taxpayers money on boycotting a brand of ice cream, then there must be nothing else important for him to attend to, and if there is then he should be voted out of office so someone more competent can fill his seat.