Pay Your Taxes Or The Government Will Cut Power, Internet, Phone, Television, And Mail Service To Your Compound

You know those kooks who go around not paying their taxes and saying there’s no law to make them? Well, a pair of tax-evading renegades in New Hampshire are finding out the hard way that tax evasion can lead to an armed standoff with federal agents. Ed and Elaine Brown of New Hampshire haven’t paid income taxes since 1996, despite being convicted in January of evading taxes on almost $2 million of income generated by Elaine’s dental practice. The pair have cloistered themselves inside a 110 acre compound where they enjoy the glorified lives of tax fugitives. From the LA Times:

Government and law officials have cut off power, Internet, house phone, cellphone, television and mail service to the couple’s 110-acre compound. But their house is equipped with solar panels, a watchtower, a satellite dish and a stockpile of food.

The United States has between 250,000 and 500,000 tax protesters, and not one of them has ever prevailed definitively in court. Even our tax-evading friend from last week, Tom Cryer, should expect a nasty backhanded slap from an appellate court. As for the Brown’s, their fight is not about money:

The government, Ed says, is at a point of “communism in its purist form.”

Elaine nods.

“It’s not communism though,” says the Massachusetts man. “It’s totalitarianism.”

“It’s Marxism,” interjects Tibbetts, 60.

“No, no, no, guys, guys, don’t give me that,” says Ed, raising his voice. “I’ve done 15 years of research here.”

Look, just pay your taxes. If you don’t, you may get an unwelcome visit from the IRS’ executive customer support team, better known as the FBI.

N.H. couple evade death and taxes [LA Times]
(Photo: Jim Cole / AP)