Walmart Flip Flop Woman Writes In To Defend Herself

Kerry, the woman whose feet suffered some sort of burn from wearing flip flops, has written in to defend herself against the comments on Consumerist.

Kerry writes:

I am the woman that bought the flip flops that burnt my feet.

I wanted to add a comment to the people that were asking why I would keep wearing the flip flops, first of all, before I wore my flip flops for the first time I rinsed them with water, then I put them here & there for a little while each time, by the time I was sure there was a problem I set them aside & never put them on again, I tried to go to the doctor right away but have no insurance so it was hard to fine a place to go here in FL, I went as SOON AS I COULD.

As far as me trying to “get ” walmart, I simply want them to make me whole, I paid for doctor visits that I would never had to go to if this hadn’t happened, I just want to be made whole.

I am not to “get anyone” I was worried that there may be a problem and that little kids may be hurt & that’s why I went to them in the first place.

As for my feet being ugly, I never argue that, but now they are ugly AND scarred, it left scars, permanent scars. By telling my story I hope that people will simply be careful with the things they purchase.

Kerry Stiles

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UPDATE: Kerry’s site went down, so we mirrored her photos here.

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