Seattle To Require Calorie Labeling At Chain Restaurants, Cut Trans Fat

Seattle will be going trans fat free, according to the CSPI. Not only that, Kings County is also adding a calorie labeling requirement similar to that of NYC. NYC is currently being sued over the regulation by the a restaurant group representing most fast food chains. Subway has complied with the requirement and their menu is being used as an example in court.

Anyhow, the CSPI says:

Last night, the King County, Washington Board of Health voted to require food service establishments to phase out their use of artificial trans fat and to list nutrition information on chain restaurant menus. The menu labeling rule only affects chain restaurants with 10 or more outlets and that have standardized menu items. Starting in August 2008, those restaurants will be required to list calories on menu boards, and calories, carbohydrates, saturated fat, and sodium on printed menus. Like a New York City regulation adopted last December, King County’s artificial trans fat phase out occurs in two steps. Food service establishments have until April 1, 2008, to switch to trans-fat-free frying oils and shortenings and until February 1, 2009, to remove artificial trans fat from other products.

The CSPI has also done a mockup of what a typical Starbucks menu will look like once it includes calorie information. Part of it is shown above, to see the rest, click here. My, some of those drinks have a lot of calories. For comparison’s sake a Big Mac has 540 calories.

In Seattle, Menu Labeling Is In, Trans Fat is Out [CSPI]
Example Starbucks Menu [CSPI]

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