Use This Worksheet To Create A Spending Plan

If you’re not one to budget, you probably spend whatever you think you can afford. This might be more (or less!) than it really should be.

What you need is a spending plan, and you can create one with this worksheet from Bankrate. Simply fill in the blanks to get a better idea of where your money is going and what you can cut back on. It’s easy… and think of all the money you’ll save once you realize where you’re wasting it.

This worksheet would also be a great thing to give to any soon-to-be-departing college students that you may have lying around your house.

Spending Plan Worksheet (PDF) Part 1 [Bankrate]
Spending Plan Worksheet (PDF) Part 2 [Bankrate]
Spending Plan Worksheet (PDF) Part 3 [Bankrate]
Spending Plan Worksheet (PDF) Part 4 [Bankrate]
Spending Plan Worksheet (PDF) Part 5 [Bankrate]
Budgeting toolkit [Bankrate]


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  1. “any soon-to-be-departing college students that you may have laying around your house.”

    I don’t know why, but this sentence cracks me up.

  2. stardeo says:

    The other parts of the spending plan are located at:
    Page A2: []
    Page A3: []
    Page A4: []
    Page A5: []

    This supplements the original document given in the article (Page A1): []

    Found at the bankrate article: []

  3. ancientsociety says:

    This is a nice little worksheet. Thanks, Meg (and Stardeo for posting the rest).

  4. whereismyrobot says:

    I put this to work last month. I have never had a budget before (don’t laugh) and it is really opening my eyes.

  5. Squeezer99 says:


  6. dwj119 says:

    Too bad this isn’t built in to some type of web app or even an excel spreadsheet would be nice. Handwriting on a printed PDF, so old school.