Get $40 Off Your Verizon Landline Bill

You can call 1-888-226-0799 and request a $40 Customer Appreciation Service Credit off your Verizon landline, says Huster $$$ Blog. Just tell ’em you got a promotional notice in the mail. It’s said to have been tested and to work for California, Florida, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Texas, and Virginia. We tried it this morning and got the credit, $10 off for the next four months. They tried to pitch us DirecTV but we told ’em we just read books and newspapers.

$40 Credit to your Verizon landline bill [Hustler $$$ Blog]
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  1. Abusiveelusive says:

    I guess I may try this at lunch. See how well it works.

  2. levenhopper says:

    This could be considered fraud if you didn’t get the notice, right?

    Who cares…I’ll do it tonight…

  3. DadCooks says:

    I did better than that…

    I dropped my Verizon POTS entirely and went with a one-year package from Charter that includes cable, DVR, HSI, and phone. My cable bill went down $10/month plus I now have essentially free phone service for the next year. Savings this next year will be at least $700.00! When the deal with Charter ends my monthly cable bill will only go up $30/month. Since Verizon just raised there rates and have applied for another rate increase, I’ll still be saving over $40/month.

  4. WV.Hillbilly says:

    Works in West Virginia.

  5. stubar says:

    Works in DC!

  6. pennyfan87 says:

    it worked in NY.
    i love you guys.

  7. MeOhMy says:

    Don’t do it! It’s a trap!

    Tomorrow’s headline: Verizon drops customers who requested fake customer appreciation credit!

    Why doesn’t it apply to PA? Becuase Verizon doesn’t appreciate us! I am switching to Cavalier.

  8. Echodork says:

    Confirmed in Virginia.

  9. Abusiveelusive says:


    Called at lunch. Got it on the second try.

    Virginia here.

  10. Sir Winston Thriller says:

    Not available in Vermont or Maine. One CSR said it was bacause of state utility commission guidelines. Another said that it is because Verizon is leaving those two states.

    Verizon sucks. (I’m stating the obvious.)

  11. olddog1213 says:

    It works here in Florida. They asked for my account number and when I told them I paid on-line they said that was OK I did’t need the number. Passed the word on to my sister and she had to get her number from the local office. After that, they set her up too.

  12. tourpro says:

    On the phone now…CSR playing dumb.

    They gave me the local service center cuz they are freaking overwhelmed.

  13. m. mangosteen says:

    I tried for New York and was given the number for my local business office. If I keep calling the national number, won’t they have a record of all the other times I tried to call to get it?

  14. RandomHookup says:

    Tried a couple of times without luck (I’m in Mass.), but I did get $13 per month off my current package from Verizon plus free long distance, so it was worth the call.

  15. CharlieFogg says:

    The call center is subcontracted (that’s what the CSR told me.) I got the discount in NY. He also linked my DirecTv and saved me another $15 month for a year.

  16. tourpro says:

    BS, I’ve been given the runaround. Maybe I’ll try again later.

  17. HotTubber says:

    3 strikes, I’m out.
    I called that 888 number 3 times, talked to a different CSR, and each time they told me the same thing: call your local office.
    Just for grins I called the local office and they played dumb; told me they never heard of that promotion.
    I’m in upstate NY. Maybe Verizon doesn’t appreciate us at this location.
    Time Warner is looking better all the time…

  18. kjkuhlken says:

    Called a few minutes ago. Gave me the credit with no hassle to all. Didn’t even try to sell me anything. Just applied it and went about my day. Works wonderfully in California. Thanks again powerful inter-tubes and Consumerist!

  19. thasco says:

    No problems here in California. Called once and CSR said that my account will have a $10 credit for the next 4 months, totalling the $40 Customer Appreciation Service Credit. No pitches for extraneous poop either..

  20. buck09 says:

    Wisconsin = w00t!

  21. Bix says:

    Someone who actually got the letter should post a scan so people know what it contains in case the CSRs quiz them.

  22. Nighthawk Foo says:

    I managed to get the credit (upstate NY). The 888 number passed me off to the local office, which was completely stumped at my request. They passed me off to another representative, who was able to help me out.

  23. steinwaytony says:

    Here’s a blog dedicated to blowing the whistle on corporate dishonesty, and we’re supposed to stick it to the man by lying? Ah yes, a real moral victory.

  24. Sir Winston Thriller says:

    @steinwaytony: No one’s ripping off the man. This is a Customer Appreciation Credit. We’re all customes (most of us captive). If they’re giving the credit, you’d be a fool not to take advantage of it.

  25. kweee says:

    In Maryland. “Not trained in this credit. Call your local office.” Looks like your blog source was a little overzealous with its claims.

  26. Murph1908 says:

    Called in, was told,”Our office is getting a lot of these calls for some reason. You need to call your local office.” I’ll try later.

  27. curmudgeon5 says:

    I tried today (in Virginia) and couldn’t make it happen. What exactly are people saying when they call in? I just referred to getting a mailing and wanting the promotional $40 credit over four months. I must have done something wrong because she had no idea what I was talking about.

  28. veronykah says:

    Worked in CA, combined my wireless with the home bill and got another $25 credit…wonder how long I have to keep my wireless with Verizon to get the credit…

  29. Dacker says:

    I’m in Oregon and it failed. The CSR said the offer was intended for California customers only, but a few direct mail pieces apparently made it out to a few other nearby states.

    For you folks in Upstate NY (Yay Rochester!), Virginia, West Virginia, and DC, good for you!

    I wonder if a bit of CSR-roulette would help the rest of use get $40.

  30. Joel Risberg says:

    I’m in California and had no trouble getting this credit applied around July 16th, but it did not appear on my bill ending July 28 that arrived August 9. Anyone else see the credit so far?