Easily Insert Timestamps In Notepad When Documenting Complaints

PC users can use Notepad to track their customer service issues, and 2 easy shortcuts makes it even easier.

After your call is over, just open Notepad, hit F5, and it automatically enters the time and date. Then, just type in a brief summary of what you discussed with the company, save, and close. Do this every time you talk to the company. Just open up the file and add in your notes, thereby creating a useful record, if need arises.

Or, you can get a little fancier, and try this…

1) Open a new Notepad file
2) Write .LOG in uppercase as the first line
3) Hit Enter
4) Save
5) Close
6) Reopen the file and you’ll find that Notepad automatically moves the cursor to the bottom of the file and inserts the time and date

Either way, you’ve got a quick and easy method for logging your customer service interactions.

Journaling in .txt with Notepad [Lifehacker]

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