419 Scammer's Music Video

This is the music video for I Go Chop Your Dollar, a Nigerian 419 scammer’s braggadocious ballad about how he tricks stupid white people into sending him money. Some of the lyrics go, “The refinery is mine/I will award you the contract/Just give me some money for paperwork/You are the big fool,/I am the master…/It’s I that’s the master!”

Gotta say, we agree with the ol’ chap.

Singer Nkem Owoh was arrested early this month on suspicions of being a 419 scammer. Hit the link for the full lyrics.

“I Go Chop Your Dollar”: Anthem of the Nigerian 419 Spammer [Ectoplasmosis]


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  1. Skiffer says:

    Wow – is this the Nigerian equivalent of gangsta rap?

    Selling crack vs. e-mail scams…don’t really know what to think on that one. It’s a strange new world we live in…

  2. Wormfather says:

    I for one welcome our Nigerian 419 overlords, er, masters

  3. mantari says:

    This song is useless without subtitles. (And I believe, aren’t they calling you a “mugu” and not a “big fool”?) That’s it. I’m calling my barrister!

  4. MishaMc says:

    Don’t forget about MC Frontalot’s Message #419, also about nigerian scams.



  5. Skyoodpov says:

    Its nice to see he spent all that money on surplus MIDI equipment and a VHS recorder…

    Oh, I forgot the fluorescent Post-It notes for his dancers’ costumes.

    Way to bring your A-game Africa.

  6. nffcnnr says:

    “Singer Nkem Owoh was arrested early this month on suspicions of being a 419 scammer.”…So i guess he won’t be able to do sh!t when 50 cent steals (samples?) his beat in his next album.

  7. othium says:

    Many of my co-workers are from Africa and those that hail from Nigeria are regarded as potential scammers by the other Africans. I had wondered about this attitude for some time until one worker told me about all the scams that Nigerians pull. He was quick to say that not ALL Nigerians are thieves, but to trust one right off without getting to know them was unwise.

    I guess his advice was interesting as two of the Nigerian workers were just fired for making long-distance calls on the company phones and setting up a business using the company’s work address.

    One of those guys wanted me to invest some money in a “deal” he had going. I politely declined. He was one of the ones that got terminated.

    My workplace is never boring..

  8. mac-phisto says:

    i like it. real catchy tune. does he take credit for song downloads?

  9. mac-phisto says:

    i like it. real catchy tune. does he take credit for song downloads, or should i just enter my checking account info?

  10. lestat730 says:

    @mantari: mugu is what 419’s call there victims, which means ‘fool’ in their language. Ah the things you can learn on sites like scamorama.com =)

  11. benko29 says:

    here’s a good site with lots of funny 419-scammer scamming stories:


  12. superbmtsub says:

    Judge to Nkem Owoh: “I Go Chop Your Sentence”

    Nkem’s dreams fade away with a painful reminder in the back.

  13. ptrix says:

    Every time I play this video, the more catchy I find the tune to be. As unscrupulous as the 419 scams are, you have to admire their ingenuity. And like the singer says:

    “[419] is just a game

    And everybody can play a part.

    If anybody is so stupid, my brother,

    I will scam him.”

    Don’t want to get suckered by a slick Nigerian? don’t be a greedy idiot. simple.

  14. jwissick says:

    LOL I love baiting the scammers. I bait check scammers. I have over 1 million dollars in FAKE forged checks from this year alone. I love screwing with them…

  15. Papillo says:

    Um FYI, Nkem Owoh is not a Nigeiran Movie star and NOT a scam artist. This video is from one of his movies titled “The Master” and is pretty much a satire. Also contrary to those reports he was NOT and has not been arrested in connection with any 419 activities.

  16. Papillo says:


    wow… Nigerians must be the only people who use thier company phones for long distance calls.