Readers Bite Back

  • This Walmart Fried Chicken Could Use A Few More Feathers
    Skrom says: “If you cannot afford to go to a different store than Wal-Mart then you probably shouldnt be buying prepared fried chicken. You should be buying raw chicken for about 20% of the cost of prepared chicken and making it yourself.

  • Hybrid Mileage Claims Spur Lawsuit
    GenuisAtWrok says: “Hybrids lose their advantage when driven long distances at highway speeds, just like this whiny twerp did. They excel in stop-go urban traffic.

  • Budget: Cash This Check And You’ll Be Enrolled In A Service You Don’t Want
    Quantumriff says: This is similar to “mail in rebates”… They know that only 1/3 (or less, much less) will actually remember to call in and cancel in the first 30 days, so they are going to get some money out of the rest.

  • Sicko, For Pets!
    Beavis88 suggests: “Unless you are living on a very tight budget, or don’t have ready access to credit, I would recommend putting those insurance premiums into an interest-bearing savings account somewhere and using that as your insurance policy instead. Thousand dollar vet bills are nothing to sneeze at – but they’re not going to kill you the way a hundred thousand dollar hospital bill might.

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