A Minnesota child won a bear with a Viagra ad from a claw machine at a Red Robin restaurant. The bears were part of a Nascar effort to promote its sponsors.


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  1. legotech says:

    Umm, yeah…there’s a Viagra car, and Minnesota is just as much NASCAR country as the South these days…why is this a story? If it had been the M&Ms car or the UPS car no one would care.

    When I lived in Indiana you’d see people (male and female) wearing these overpriced leather NASCAR jackets for their favorite car and I always laughed at the people wearing giant Viagra logos all over themselves.


  2. Buran says:

    Gotta ask … if it’s so offensive, why did they buy it? I’m sure there was lots of non-offensive stuff in the machine, too.

  3. Lee says:

    It was a claw machine. Maybe they couldn’t see the logo?

  4. chutch says:

    This is one of those nice situations where joke after joke literally writes itself. I’ll leave you to your imagination at this point.

    I will say that most of the claw machines in restaurants & stores, around here at least, are actually maintained by outside companies. That isn’t to say that the store can’t complain and have something taken out, but it’s usually not someone actually in the store that has a say in the matter. Complaining to employees will usually get you nowhere… but this really is a non-issue.

    If the toys inside the machine are “adult toys” then you have a good reason. You can’t turn on the television, radio or computer without being smacked with advertisements that are worse than this.

  5. mconfoy says:

    I am watching the History Channel on Rome with my young kids. There was an erectile dysfunction commercial on as I was reading this article. So live with it.

  6. Thrust says:

    How much for the bear?

  7. medcat2010 says:

    Ok so the issue isn’t so much that they’ve put money into the machine so the kids can win a toy with an advertisement on it; the issue is the bear has a shirt with Viagra on it, which is related to erectile dysfunction, which is related to penis, which is related to sex. Ah yes, good to see parents are on top of things.

    Personally, I wouldn’t have wanted my kids to have ANY of the bears, but I still most likely would not have made a big deal about it. I would have plenty of other things to complain about, like their education and health care, for example.

  8. Thrust says:

    I still can’t find the Weenie babies stuffed animals anywhere, Viagra bear would be a nice runner up.

  9. nffcnnr says:

    “Mommy, what’s priapism?”
    “Ask your daddy in about 4 hours.”