Top 10 Most "Ho-Friendly" DC Hotels, Based On The DC Madam's Phone Records

If you want to have sex with a prostitute in Washington D.C., try the Marriott.

We took the DC Madam’s phone records, (she allegedly ran a high-class prostitution ring. It was part of her operating procedure to call the client once to confirm the appointment) converted them to a text file with a OCR (optical character recognition) program, had a batch program run the numbers through a free online reverse number look up service (you enter a phone number and it gives you an address) sorted by call volume, then extracted all the hotel results.

1. Marriott: 489 (18 numbers)
2. Hyatt: 168 (6 numbers)
3. Hilton: 151 (5 numbers)
4. Holiday Inn: 132 (5 numbers)
5. Ritz-Carlton: 118 (4 numbers)
6. Embassy Suites: 117 (3 numbers)
7. Renaissance: 84 (3 numbers)
8. Double Tree: 59 (2 numbers)
9. Westin Grand Hotel: 40 (1 number)
10. Willard Inter Contiental Hotel: 36 (1)

Full listing of all the hotels, inside…

Hotel Name | Number Of Calls | Unique Phone Numbers
Marriot: 489 (18 numbers)
Hyatt: 168 (6 numbers)
Hilton: 151 (5 numbers)
Holiday Inn: 132 (5 numbers)
Ritz-Carlton: 118 (4 numbers)
Embassy Suites: 117 (3 numbers)
Renaissance: 84 (3 numbers)
Double Tree: 59 (2 numbers)
Westin Grand Hotel: 40 (1 number)
Willard Inter Contiental Hotel: 36 (1)
St. Regis: 33 (1)
Four Seasons Hotel: 28 (1)
Washington Court Hotel: 25 (1)
Key Bridge Hotel: 20 (1)
Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel: 19 (1)
Red Roof Inns: 19 (1)
City Center DC Hotel: 18 (1)
Melrose Hotel: 17 (1)
Capitol City Hotel: 16 (1)
Churchill Hotel: 14 (1)
Harbor Court: 14 (1)
Hotel Madison: 14 (1)
Fairfield Inn: 13 (1)
Jefferson Hotel: 13 (1)

The results for the Marriott chain are astonishing. With that call volume and number of locations involved , you gotta wonder if the hotel staff isn’t in on it somehow.


Fairfield Inn 13 301-572-7100 Fairfield Inn 4050 Powder Mill Rd Beltsville MD 20705
Holiday Inn 13 202-479-4000 Holiday Inn Capitol At Smithsonian 550 C St SW Washington DC 20024
Jefferson Hotel 13 202-347-2200 Jefferson Hotel 1200 16 St NW Washington DC 20036
Churchill Hotel 14 202-797-2000 The Churchhill Hotel 1914 Connecticut Washington DC 20009
Harbor Court 14 410-234-0550 Harbor Court Hotel 550 Light Baltimore MD 21202
Hilton 14 703-418-6800 Hilton Crystal City 2399 Jefferson Davis Hwy Arlington VA 22202
Holiday Inn 14 202-338-4600 Holiday Inn 2101 Wisconsin Ave NW DC 200074
Holiday Inn 14 301-652-2000 Holiday Inn Bethesda 8120 Wisconsin Ave Bethesda MD 20814
Holiday Inn 14 703-807-2000 Holiday Inn Rosslyn Key Bridge Alexandria VA 22301
Hotel Madison 14 202-862-1600 Hotel Madison 15 & M Sts NW Washington DC 20036
Marriott 14 703-818-0300 Marriott Hotels & Resorts 14750 Conference Center Drive VA 20151
Ritz-Carlton 14 202-835-0500 Ritz-Carlton Hotels 1150 22 St NW Washington DC 20037
Hilton 15 703-528-6000 Hilton Arlington & Towers 950 Stafford Arlington VA 22203
Marriott 15 301-670-6700 Courtyard By Marriott 2500 Research Blvd Rockville MD 20850
Marriott 15 301-590-0044 Gaithersburg Marriott Washingtonian 9751 Washintonian Blvd Gaithersburg MD 20878
Capitol City Hotel 16 202-737-1200 Capital City Hotel Washington DC 20001
Embassy Suites 16 202-362-9300 Embassy Suites Hotel 4300 Military Rd NW DC 20015
Marriott 16 202-785-2000 Doubletree Guest Suites 801 New Hampshire Ave NW Washington DC 20037
Ritz-Carlton 16 202-293-2100 Ritz-Carlton Hotels 2100 Massachusetts Ave NW DC 20008
Hyat 17 202-638-5900 Hotel Washington 15 St & Pennsylvania Ave Washington DC 20001
Melrose Hotel 17 202-955-6400 Melrose Hotel 2430 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington DC 20037
City Center DC Hotel 18 202-775-0800 City Center Dc Hotel 1143 New Hampshire Ave NW Washington DC 20037
Marriott 18 703-471-9500 Dulles Airport Marriott 333 W Service Rd Chantilly VA 20170
Double Tree 19 703-893-1340 Double Tree Hotel 7801 Leesburg Pike Falls Church VA 22043
Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel 19 202-682-0111 Hamilton Crowne Plaza Hotel 14 & K Streets Washington DC 20001
Hyat 19 703-713-1234 Hyatt Crystal City Corp 2300 Dulles Corner Blvd Herndon VA 20171
Marriott 19 703-549-3434 Courtyard By Marriott 2899 Jefferson Davis Hwy Arlington VA 22202
Red Roof Inns 19 301-498-8811 Red Roof Inns 12525 Laurel Bowie Road MD 20708
Holiday Inn 20 202-483-2000 Holiday Inn Central 1501 Rhode Island Ave NW Washington DC 20005
Key Bridge Hotel 20 703-524-6400 Key Bridge Hotel 1401 Lee Hwy Arlington VA 22209
Marriott 20 301-670-0008 Courtyard By Marriott 805 Russell Ave Gaithersburg MD 20879
Hilton 21 703-845-1010 Halyard’S-Hilton Alexandria At Mark Center 5000 Seminary Rd Alexandria VA 22311
Hyat 21 301-657-1234 Hyatt Hotel & Resorts 1 Bethesda Metro Ctr MD 20814
Marriott 21 410-962-0202 Marriott Hotels & Resorts 110 South Eutaw Street MD 21201
Hyat 22 703-818-1234 Hyatt Fair Lakes 12777 Fair Lakes Cir Fairfax VA 22033
Hilton 23 202-483-3000 Hilton Hotels 1919 Connecticut Ave NW DC 20009
Marriott 23 301-897-5600 Bethesda Marriott Suites 6711 Democracy Blvd Bethesda MD 20817
Marriott 24 703-849-9400 Fairview Park Mariott Hotel 3111 Fairview Park Falls Church VA 22042
Embassy Suites 25 703-883-0707 Embassy Suites Hotel 8517 Leesburg Pike VA 22182
Hyat 25 703-709-1234 Hyatt Hotels & Resorts 1800 Presidents Street Reston VA 20190
Renaissance 25 410-547-1200 Renaissance Harborplace Hotel 202 E Pratt St Baltimore MD 21202
Washington Court Hotel 25 202-628-2100 Washington Court Hotel On Capitol Hill 525 New Jersey Ave NW Washington DC 20001
Four Seasons Hotel 28 202-342-0444 Four Seasons Hotel 2800 Pennsylvania Ave NW Washington DC 20007
Double Tree 29 301-468-1100 Double Tree Management Inc 1750 Rockville Pike Rockville MD 20852
Marriott 32 703-413-5500 Crystal City Marriott 2980 Fairview Park Falls Church VA 22042
Embassy Suites 33 202-857-3388 Embassy Suites Hotel 1250 22nd St NW DC 20037
St. Regis 33 202-638-2626 St Regis Hotel Washington DC The 16 K Sts Washington DC 20006
Marriott 35 703-734-3200 Marriott Hotels And Resorts 8028 Leesburg Pike VA 22182
Willard Inter Contiental Hotel 36 202-628-9100 Willard Inter Continental Hotel 1401 Pennsylvania Washington DC 20004
Hilton 38 202-393-1000 Capital Hilton The 1001 16 St NW Washington DC 20036
Marriott 40 410-859-8300 Bwi Airport Marriot 1743 W Nursery Rd Linthicum Heights MD 21090
Westin Grand Hotel 40 202-429-0100 Westin Grand Hotel The 2350 M St NW Washington DC 20037
Marriott 41 202-737-2200 Marriott Hotels & Resorts 775 12th Street NW DC 20005
Ritz-Carlton 41 703-506-4300 Ritz Carlton McLean 1700 Tysons Blvd McLean VA 22102
Marriott 47 301-897-9400 Bethesda Marriott 5151 Pooks Hill Rd Bethesda MD 20814
Hyat 53 202-789-1234 Hyatt Hotels & Resorts 1201 24th St NW DC 20037
Ritz-Carlton 54 703-415-5000 Ritz-Carlton Hotels 1250 South Hayes Street VA 22202
Marriott 61 202-393-2000 Jw Marriott Washington Dc 1331 Pennsylvania Nw Ave Washington DC 20004
Renaissance 66 202-898-9000 Renaissance Hotels & Resorts 999 Ninth Street NW DC 20001
Marriott 71 703-920-3230 Crystal Gateway Marriott 1700 Jefferson Davis Hwy Arlington VA 22202
Renaissance 80 202-347-3000 Renaissance Mayflower Hotel 1127 Connecticut Ave NW Washington DC 20036
Marriott 82 202-328-2000 Marriott Hotels & Resorts 2660 Woodley Road, NW DC 20008

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(Photo: Spreegurke)


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  1. j-o-h-n says:

    Now THAT’S a hotel rewards program you can get behind! :)

  2. Maurik says:

    bitch program -> batch program?

    But interesting :)

  3. rekoil says:

    Unfortunately there aren’t any addresses – I’d be curious how the geographic distribution (i.e. proximity to government offices and prominent lobbying firms) works out…

  4. Ben Popken says:

    @rekoil: Ask and you shall receive. I’ll add that in in a moment.

  5. ElPresidente408 says:

    she looks a lot like one of my former math teachers…

  6. Meg Marco says:

    What, no Google map mashup?

  7. dohtem says:

    @j-o-h-n: Buy four hos, get the fifth ho free!! (Not itch free, oh no. That’s always a gamble)

  8. Ben Popken says:

    @meghannmarco: That’s coming soon…

  9. yg17 says:

    I expected Hiltons to be the most ho-friendly.

  10. rbb says:


    Actually, it’s probably the other way around – they stay out of each others’ territory out of professional courtesy…

  11. rbb says:

    @Ben Popken:

    Ben –

    How about cross referencing the dates of the calls with the dates Congress is in session. Even money says business picks up when the “whores” of th epolitical type are in town… ;^)

  12. MariSama44 says:

    I didn’t know Miss Swan had a kid. Look at the uncanny resemblance in the smile.

    …I’ll be sure to use this information if I ever pick up a female hooker in DC…so. Never. Was this just a post to demonstrait a technique for tallying calls?

  13. holocron says:

    Well, hell, no calls from The Georgetown Inn…I’ll be there next week…

  14. MikeL says:

    Hey Jim Graham: close down the sleazy Ritz-Carlton and Willard today!

  15. ToddMU03 says:

    I got a hooker at the errr I mean I know hookers use the Marriott. Just check Craigslist.

  16. levenhopper says:

    So can she write off all the miles on her car as a tax deduction because they are work related? Because she did put some good miles in there…

    And I sure as hell the IRS won’t come after her…

  17. MerryOtter says:

    It’s Marriott. With two T’s.

  18. Trai_Dep says:

    Call me old fashioned, but if I can’t get *cough* satisfaction while careening, in my car, at 2x the speed limit, at 3am, a bottle of Cuervo on one hand, with the other emeshed in the pro’s bobbing hair weave, House music blaring out of the stereo loud enough to wake the dead, then the Terrorists Have Won.

    Harumph. Hotels… Must be a Republican thing.

  19. megsie says:

    But I think that one needs to consider the number of guest rooms in each hotel for this list to be statistically meaningful. Dividing the number of calls by the number of guest rooms gives us each hotel’s Ho Ratio.

    (Also this should be a “sort by” option on

  20. Wasabe says:

    And why you think you take a ho to a hotel?

  21. Cordier says:

    How ironic. Isn’t the Marriott a ‘family values’ owned and operated Morman company? No sluts er, slots allowed in the Vegas Marriott.

  22. V-effekt says:

    Simple mashup.. looks like many hotels are near highways.

  23. holocron says:

    @yg17: Actually, I think you meant Ho-Jo is most friendly..

  24. yg17 says:

    @holocron: I dunno….If Hilton’s weren’t so ho friendly, Paris might not me such a filthy skank.

  25. homerjay says:

    If you scroll down so everything below her nose is cut off, it looks like Harry Potter.

  26. Slytherin says:

    @homerjay: Bwahahahaha! So true!

  27. Mr. Gunn says:

    LOL @ trai_dep!

    /though I prefer the scotch, and no weave

  28. njdon says:

    they said these guys only wanted to talk to someone after a day’s work. i recommend going to the bar and bs’ing. when i was on travel i had a good time and never parted with a nickel. no one has ever called me a big spender

  29. missdona says:

    A concierge at a very nice hotel in Chicago told me that all hotels have prostitutes.

    I just have to put it to the back of my mind when I stay in one.

    Also, the two double bed rooms are more likely to be the hooker rooms. They have one “business bed” and one “not business bed.”

  30. missdona says:

    And get this, some of them are very highly ranked in the rewards programs, platinum/diamond level etc. And get free upgrades to the executive/concierge level, so if you think you’re safe there, think again.

  31. hoo_foot says:

    Aren’t all hotels used for illicit sex affairs? It seems unfair to single out these hotels when it probably happens everywhere.

  32. gonz says:

    Good to know 2 of the best of Baltimore were listed here. I’m also surprised she didn’t use the Ho Jo’s on New York Ave.

  33. GoodnightDick says:

    I’m surprised Crowne Plazas aren’t ranked higher. Their slogan is “The place to meet”