Don't Fly Out Of JFK In The Afternoon

newVideoPlayer(“jfk_delays_gawker.flv”, 475, 376);The Today Show says that the overturing of a federal law limiting afternoon departures has lead to extreme flight delays and pileups at JFK in NY. Guess you wanna try and fly out of there in the morning or at night.


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  1. Chicago7 says:

    Boeing says the Dreamliner is a lighter more durable airplane that will allow passengers to sit comfortably on the runway for hours and hours.

  2. Antrack says:

    I flew out of JFK a few weeks ago in the late afternoon on a Delta Connection to O’Hare, and we sat on the runway for an hour and a half. The nice thing was, the pilot was super-honest about it, like “Look, JFK is the pits, we could be here for 2 hours. I’m sorry. Please use your cellphones and have some snacks.” We had drink service before we took off.

    But yeah, I’d avoid JFK if possible.

  3. BillyShears says:

    JFK has become a God damned nightmare. I’ve taken early evening flights out of there twice in the past year and both were delayed in excess of 2 hours. Neither was an airline issue, they were “Sorry ladies and gentlemen, we’re #30 in line for take-off” issues.

    I once missed a connection because of it, but the airline – JetBlue – was nice enough to put me up in a hotel for the trouble.

  4. wikkit says:

    Ben, I think “overturing” should read “overturning”.

  5. jld says:

    I flew out of JFK in the early evening and we before we pushed back from the gate, the pilot let us know we would be taxiing for almost an hour, but not to worry, the time was built into the flight plan. I was amazed that it’s so consistently a problem that airlines basically schedule it in.

  6. FreemanB says:

    LaGuardia is just as bad. I had two flights canceled on me when I was trying to get out of there a few days ago, and I wound up spending the night and missing a meeting the next morning. There were also numerous gate changes and flight changes, always without any announcements. At one point, I looked outside and saw planes lined up for takeoff as far as I could see.

  7. missdona says:


    I’ve had extensive delays at all 3 metro airports. No matter where you’re going, get on that first flight in the morning if at all possible.

    Take the 6:00AM over the 7:30AM or the 5:55A over the 6:15AM.

  8. veronykah says:

    Isn’t this common sense? From the first plane that is delayed its a domino effect, delaying the following planes. If you are booted off a flight early then you have ALL the flights for the rest of the day to get on another. If you try to do this in the afternoon you have all the people from the morning that were delayed before you ahead of you for seats.
    After being a standby passenger for many years, I would never schedule a flight into or out of ANY airport in NYC for the afternoon or early evening. There is just too much of a liklihood of weather or congestion delaying or cancelling my flight.
    AND like the piece was saying at Newark or JFK all the international flights leave in the afternoon, those flights take precedence over domestic flights so if there are any problems that day YOU will be affected flying domestically.

  9. eli_b says:

    you guys spelled ‘overturning’ wrong in the article.

  10. I wouldn’t want to fly out of JFK anyway. Bad airport. Amongst the ranks of O’Haire and Vegas..