Mother buys a $149 Fisher Price Stand N Ride Du Stroller from Toys “R” Us and opens the box at home to find it filled with $320 of Bionicle Legos. Even more comical is the store’s incompetent customer service when they try to do the right thing and return the toys. [EricCarrol]


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  1. dbeahn says:

    A big box store incompetent employees?

    Surely no one was surprised…

  2. North of 49 says:

    don’t get me started about Toys R Us customer service. All we’ve ever had from them has been headaches!

  3. ncboxer says:

    I know Toys R Us has virtually no customer service and their checkout lines are horribly slow- how can it take 20 minutes to checkout when there are only 2 people in front you, but I think in this case it was just a simple mistake. The Legos were being sent back to the manufacturer and they grabbed a box to put it in. Then someone saw an empty shelf for the stroller and a stroller box in the stock room and placed it out to buy. Besides the obvious hassle, the manager didn’t refuse to refund her or anything like all the horrible stories we read all the time on consumerist.

    The worst thing about the whole situation is the agonizing slowness and unhelpfulness of the employees, but that is on par from Toys R Us. Unfortunately, if you shop there, you have to realize that doing anything there is going to be hassle.

  4. kpfeif says:

    Our local Toys R Us in Brookfield, Wisconsin is great. The people the work there are helpful, they know about the toys they stock, and the customer service has always been terrific. We bought our son one of those big Little Tikes outdoor playhouses and it was missing a part. No problem – their customer service rep opened another box up, took out the part for us, then gave us a 20% coupon for our trouble.

    Every time I go there to get a gift they always have good advice for age-appropriate ideas.

    So, for the several bad experiences above, I had a great one. For those who hate the place, just wait – they’re not doing well, and may eventually disappear. Their likely replacement – the largest seller of toys in the world – Wal Mart.

  5. Maude Buttons says:

    I like the parts where (a) he lets his wife do all the schlepping; (b) he doesn’t offer to keep the three kids at home while he “recuperates” from “stomach ailments” (i.e., “surfs the web/lays about” while “someone else does everything else”); (c) buys a stroller from Toys’r’Us.

  6. Parttimesaint says:

    NCBOXER: A more likely explanation for the Legos is that an employee or customer was hoping to scam the store by putting all those Legos in the box, buying the “stroller” for $150 and then returning the Legos inside for $300+. Years ago I managed at a TRU and at least 2 employees were fired for doing the same sort of thing.

  7. mopar_man says:

    For those who hate the place, just wait – they’re not doing well, and may eventually disappear. Their likely replacement – the largest seller of toys in the world – Wal Mart.

    While I don’t hate the place, I do dislike it. It’s like most big box stores: full of people who don’t give a damn and can’t help you find the floor you’re walking. That being said, I would shop there before stepping foot into a Wal-Mart. My entire family likes to shop at Wal-Mart and whenever a child’s birthday comes up, they’re all surprised that the kid gets duplicate gifts. Here’s an idea: SHOP SOMEWHERE ELSE!!

  8. whoareyou says:

    I once gave away a serving plate as a wedding present. Since I had purchased it without a box, I used a box I had in the house which originally contained a Wok set I purchased from Target. I had taped up the box really nice and the couple though I had given them a Wok set. They proceeded to find out that Target sold this particular set and returned the Wok since they didn’t need it. Apparently, Target took the product back without a receipt and without even opening the box to verify its contents. I really would like to see the face of the person who opened that box and found a serving plate inside instead of a Wok set.

  9. ericcarroll says:

    I posted an update to this here:


  10. SaraAB87 says:

    The Toys R Us near me has pretty good service, its not exceptionally bad or anything like that, but the one that closed near me had bad service though, and they were constantly telling me that they were one of the bottom-barrel stores in the TRU chain which is probably why they had bad service.

    Like most retail stores the service at any particular store varies with the employees that are hired, some are very knowledgable about a product and will help you if you need help and others just don’t care and will just try to sell you the most expensive item.

    TRU is losing because first of all they are overpriced (regular prices), and most parents don’t like going into toy stores anymore because a trip to the toy store usually results in very whiny kids who just want everything in the store, and then its either embarrassing to take them out of the store screaming and crying or very costly as you buy them everything they want. Now most of the parents we know are ordering whatever toy their kid wants on amazon or ebay, or another online website, to avoid the toy store gimmes and so they can just get the particular toy they wanted without having to buy 6 other toys in the process.

    Its not so bad in a retail store because you can just avoid the toy dept if it will cause that much of a problem but many think that taking kids into toy stores nowadays is just asking for trouble from the kids. Add in the fact that more kids are demanding higher end toys like Ipods and cellphones, things that were really meant for adult use and you get fewer sales of toys because kids are wanting higher end electronics earlier in life now instead of wanting traditional toys, which equals less sales of traditional toys. I have even read articles that say that TRU is going to shrink their “toy” deparment and expand on their electronics dept to include ipods, cellphones, more video games and those lines of electronics geared for children since thats where the demand for product is.

    TRU is winning however because they have opened their other chain called Babies R Us which is apparently extremely successful. Some of the closed TRU stores have been converted to Babies R Us stores as well. I guess there is more of a demand for baby items instead of older kids toys.

  11. I have a tangentially-related anecdote: A few weeks ago a friend of mine bought a file box from Target and got home to discover that it was filled with women’s clothing. They were brand new, but didn’t have any tags. She called and talked to the manager, and he said that since they didn’t have any tags, he couldn’t do much about them, and that she could keep them. Happily, most of them were her size and pretty cute.

  12. dotorg greg says:

    which begs the question: how much DO employees steal by buying cheap, large boxes stuffed with smaller, high-margin merchandise?

  13. ericcarroll says:

    Maybe they should start using scales to weigh everything on the way out. in the long run, dishonest people always cost the rest of us money, convenience and time.