How To Eat Healthy For Less Money

The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has tips for eating healthy while saving money, and we think the tips are great.

There’s nothing ground breaking about them, but if you’re looking to change your habits following these tips is a great start. The tips for “bulk shopping” are fun:

  • Buy only products that your family will like and use often enough so that they will be used before spoiling or becoming outdated. Otherwise, you’ll waste food and money.
  • Not all bulk items are bargains. Make sure the item is really a good buy and saves you money. Check the unit price, don’t just look at the size of the package.
  • When you buy in bulk, you buy more than you can use before your next shopping trip. Be sure you have enough money to do this.
  • You should know what type of storage is needed for the product and have enough space to store it.
  • Beware that buying in bulk can lead families to overeat or eat too quickly. If this happens, you could run out of food or money before the end of the month. Make sure you can store food so that it won’t get eaten too quickly.
  • Know proper storage times for different foods.

    Eating Healthy on a Budget [UPMC via Getting Finances Done]
    (Photo: swruler9284)

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