Listen up, KFC: a Queens inventor is selling rat-proof garbage bags. Initial studies show that the eucalyptus-scented bags are up to 89% effective at keeping vermin out of our precious, precious garbage.


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  1. Dickdogfood says:

    Our “precious, precious garbage?” What, you think these bags exist because people think their trash is just too classy for rats and roaches?

  2. AcidReign says:

    &nbsp &nbsp Where I live, rats in the garbage aren’t so bad. The rat’s going to gnaw a small hole, go in, and eat just a reasonable portion of your “precious garbage.”

    &nbsp &nbsp Racoons, on the other hand, like to lay out ALL of the garbage on the driveway, and inspect everything before they make a choice. Picky, picky, picky.

    &nbsp &nbsp The huge, 190-pound golden retriever (“Bama”) on the street behind us is the worst. He’s strong enough to open any trash can that’s not metal, and bungee-corded shut. “Bama” likes to play with his garbage, as well as eating it. He playfully drags everthing out all over the yard, and rolls in it. Once, when I had a load of shrimp-shells in the garbage, the dog chewed through both bungie cords. I’m guessing that even a titanium-belted garbage bag would not slow “Bama” down…

    &nbsp &nbsp Yeah, we have a leash-law. But, the dog-catcher is deathly afraid of “Bama,” I think. If “Bama” decides that he likes you, his usual response is to jump up with both paws, knock you down, and lick you to death with a bath-mat-sized, very slobbery tongue.

  3. ferris209 says:

    Makes sense to me guys, I figure that if you can dissuade the vermin from being attracted to the garbage in the first place, it will make it easier to prevent an infestation inside the business.

  4. RandomHookup says:

    My town decided to fight rats by requiring all trash be kept in sealed trash cans. Great, except that they allow trash to go out 4 pm the day prior to pick-up and they don’t want lids on the cans when they are out on the curb.

    * Plus, it’s impossible to buy a replacement lid. You have to buy the whole set-up and that defeats the purpose.