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  • Healthy Eating Campaigns Stink, Do Nothing To Prevent Childhood Obesity
    Trai_dep says: “Big diff btn now and then: high fructose corn syrup. It’s in everything processed. It’s artificially cheap because of corporate farm welfare. Read labels and you’ll be amazed at how often it shows up.

  • 8 IKEA Shopping Tips From A Former Employee
    Latrevo says: “Create your own unique systems…instead of buying a particular entertainment unit for a bunch, we took our existing ikea tv stand, bought two tall bookshelves, and then scoured the AS IS dept. for a shelf to run across the top. We found a twin bed frame (with the matching finish) for $15.

  • It’s Easier For You To Drink Fiji Water Than It Is For Most People From Fiji
    HumorBot says: “Filter people, filter. Even those lo-fi Britta pitchers do a decent job at filtering chlorinated tap water and thus avoiding the eco-clusterfuck caused by those masses of pastic waterbottles we clog the landfills with year after year.

  • Victoria’s Secret Refunds: Immigrants Need Not Apply
    Jesirose says: “My husband does not drive either – but he still has a [non-driver ID card] which is the same format as a driver’s license and never once has he been told it won’t work as ID.

  • Walmart Took Secret Life Insurance Policies Out On Employees, Collected After Their Death
    Eyebrows McGee says: “There’s an enormous difference between “Key Person” life insurance (that’s what you take out on your CEO or highly-trained specialist) and “Dead Peasant” life insurance, which is what you take out on random interchangeable employees…

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