The Bikini's Tumultuous History

Bikinis were not always fit for toddlers; though they were accepted by the ancient Romans, bikinis made waves when they first appeared on the modern market, according to a slideshow essay from Slate:

    “When the bikini first arrived, its revealing cut scandalized even the French fashion models who were supposed to wear it; they refused, and the original designer had to enlist a stripper instead.”

The very origin of the name “bikini” is tied to the nuclear tests conducted on Bikini Atoll, which explains why attractive bikini-clad ladies were known as “bombshells.” So next time your significant other salaciously eyes a bikini, let him off the hook – he is merely appreciating history.

The Right To Bare Tummies [Slate]
(Photo: Todd Ehlers)


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  1. notebook says:

    Well, nice to know consumerist keeps up on their history, as well. ;D

  2. markedward says:

    Hah. From the even the French models to saying “heck no” to two year olds begging for it? I almost hesitate to ask “what is the world coming to,” but the article already answers my question.

  3. Trai_Dep says:

    Regrettably, the male thong entered our fashion vacabulary with nary a whimper.

  4. AcidReign says:

    &nbsp &nbsp I’ve got no problem wearing a skimpy speedo to the beach or the pool. But, I have to draw the line, when the fashion-istas want me to wear itchy butt-floss in public.

  5. ZonzoMaster says:

    @trai_dep: Dude, you almost made me choke with cereal, real funny.