fyre fail


$100M Lawsuit: Fyre Festival Was “Closer To ‘Lord Of The Flies’ Than Coachella”

Only a few days after organizers of the highly hyped Fyre Festival were forced to cancel the two-weekend event after the event totally fell apart, leaving many people stranded in the Bahamas, one person who shelled out thousands for a ticket has filed a $100 million lawsuit claiming that attendees were subjected to a hell more akin to The Hunger Games or Lord of the Flies than the posh version of Coachella they were promised. [More]


People Who Paid Thousands For “Luxury” Music Festival Stuck In The Bahamas After Event Falls Apart

For some, an outdoor music festival means portable toilets, camping, and braving the elements in the name of a good time with good tunes. But for music lovers who shelled out anywhere from $1,500 to $200,000 for a ticket to a “luxury” festival experience in the Bahamas that promised famous faces and fancy food, they were expecting a much more lavish experience than what reality provided. [More]