385 Car Rental Discount Codes

Here’s about 385 working discount codes and coupons for National, Enterprise, Budget, AVIS, and HERTZ, courtesy of Fat Wallet. The post says they’re all tested as of 6/30/07. If you have trouble using any of the codes, read through the pages of messages for tips and pointers.


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  1. oneTee says:


  2. rphoenix says:

    WOW, those are awesome. I have been searching for a good car rental price for a couple weeks for visiting my family in FL and GA. One of the codes saved about $250.

  3. Arsenal2007 says:

    Never pay for a rental car again!

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    Billions of dollars are spent every year by travellers on car rental. Car rental company profits are very healthy as evidenced by their SEC filings and independent rental industry reports. Why should we rent a car when we have an opportunity to pair with another Pairngo member making the mirror image of our journey and swap cars?

    The first 3,000 memberships are being offered free for the first year and thereafter members will pay $20:00 per annum for membership of the community. Members are rated as they pair cars to ensure that the community can self regulate in terms of the quality of the pairing and pairing experience. When a member is interested in pairing they send a query to another member who will see a query alert when they next log in. The pairing members then make their own arrangements for the swap.

    Registration is very straight forward with users entering details such as user name, car make, model, mileage, condition etc. Additionally members can upload up to 6 photographs of the car to enhance the descriptive text. A simple one-click system allows members to make cars available or unavailable for pairing purposes.

    Insurance is not as big a problem as it might first appear as many companies will add an additional driver to a policy at no extra cost. Where this cannot be done there are a number of companies offering very competitive short-term insurance who will insure for swapping purposes. The cost of the additional insurance is generally a fraction of the car rental costs.

    One such company is Norwich Union in the UK who offers a complete on-line system at [www.norwichunion.com] other traditional insurance companies such as the AA offer a similar service. Herts Insurance of the UK [www.hertsinsurance.com] offers a “Walkabout” product that will cover backpackers and travellers with no permanent address! So insurance is not that big a problem for Pairngo members.

    So will the community grow? We think so: as a lot of ordinary people have had bad experiences of car rental and do not want to pay exorbitant prices for the privilege of driving a car on vacation or business. We feel pairngo.com offers a unique service to members who will save themselves a lot of money each year by not having to pay for car rental.

  4. erica.blog says:

    I love fatwallet.com for a wide variety of reasons — this is just yet another :-)

  5. DashTheHand says:

    @Arsenal2007: Thanks for the advertisement.

    Aside from it sounding like an utterly horrible idea, I don’t want someone else driving my car, nor do I want to drive someone elses random car that may or may not have problems they can blame me for that I do not know about. That, along with dozens of other reasons why borrowing a complete strangers car is an insanely bad idea.

    Really good job for a first comment, it marked you as a advertising goon.

  6. jepow19 says:

    I recently moved using a budget van rental. I reserved the van for 10:00am but when I arrived at the pickup center they told me I had to wait in line. I was #21 in line for a van and it was going to be approximately 3 hours before any of the vans, which I had reserved, would be available.

    So, rather than waiting 3 hours I asked if there were any SUV’s available. There were but at a considerably higher rate, $90 vs $60 for the van. I asked if there was anyway to get the same rate since I had reserved a van and it was not available. I was told I could wait like everyone else who had just walked in that morning to rent.

    I took the SUV anyway since I had to be out of my apartment that morning but what is the point in having a reservation system if they aren’t going to honor it? I have had to rent cars while on vacation or when mine is in the shop and if the model I choose isn’t available they’ve always bumped me up to the next level for the same price. Budget couldn’t have cared less if I rented from them or not.

  7. SOOKE says:

    I’m always amazed at how cheap it is to rent a car, especially if you decline the extra insurance.

    For example, I rented a compact from Dollar in Los Angeles for 10 days at $13 a day. Their profit must be razor thin.

    And, if you arrive later in the day, there’s a good chance they’ll be out of small cars, and you’ll get a free upgrade. I scored a Dodge Minivan.

    I always make a reservation as soon as possible, usually at the Dollar or Alamo websites. These reservations are usually no strings attached, so, even if you don’t cancel, there’s no charge. And they often have coupons and discount codes right on their websites. Then I check back, right up to the day of the trip, to see if the price has gone down.

    I’m sometimes tempted to use Hotwire or Priceline, but if your plans change, there are no refunds.