Consumerist Reader Sprint Executive Customer Service Hotline Works

That special hotline (703-433-4401) Sprint set up for Consumerist readers that goes directly to their executive customer service team actually works, according to reader Greg.

Hi guys,

I recently bought a BlackBerry 7130e for my primary voice line with the intent of activating it and getting into the glorious world of push e-mail. This was not meant to be, as when I activated it originally, the person doing so took off my voice plan and put me on a BlackBerry-only plan. After I called to get that fixed, they reverted me to my old voice plan but then neglected to put on a BlackBerry plan. While trying to get that fixed, I was told it was ‘impossible’ to have the voice plan I had with a BlackBerry plan. I called the Consumerist hotline, and spoke with an extremely kind (and, imagine this-competent) lady by the name of Gloria, who spent at least 2 hours working on figuring out how to fix this issue.

It was determined that there wasn’t an easy way to add BlackBerry service to my voice plan, and so I asked her if I could do a phone swap. She agreed to let me swap out my BlackBerry for a Windows Mobile PDA (so I could do most of the same things) and, she also agreed to cover the difference in price!

She went way above and beyond and I just wanted to ask you to post this so that hopefully Sprint gets some credit for doing something right. They’ve really impressed me with how well they work on things if the need arises to escalate calls all the way up to them.


Sweet. Glad to hear it. If you have a longstanding Sprint issue that you can’t get resolved through multiple attempts with regular Sprint customer service, dial the hotline at 703-433-4401.

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  1. Naval Patel says:

    I also had to recently use the executive customer service. Unfortunately, it left me more than disappointed. When I signed up, I was told that I would have certain additional features which of course weren’t added. They weren’t able to add them and I was still adamant about getting what I was promised. After about 6 weeks, I finally got all of the features through a combination of retentions and customer care.

  2. junkmail says:

    I too can vouch for the efficacy of the hotline. Our four-month ordeal was finally resolved, and we were given a single point-of-contact for any future problems.

  3. Skandrannon says:

    I’m glad that this number exsists. Sprint has a way of sneaking things on my bill, or double charging me for things. I usually wind up on the phone with someone who I can’t understand, or someone who just doesn’t care. * I’m allowed to take that shot as I work in customer service *
    I’m going to give this line a ring tomorrow, and see if they are any less terrible than the normal customer service.


  4. kadingle says:

    I have not used the hotline before, but after contacting the FCC regarding a $5-monthly charge discrepency over picture mail, I was contacted by this group who resolved my issue no problem. Good on sprint for that

  5. MMD says:

    Add me to the list of happy hotline users. We had multiple problems that needed solving – my husband was eligible for an upgrade credit on his phone but was denied one by Sprint store employees. After several calls and untold minutes on hold we finally got the credit and a phone, but the phone was defective and stopped working after a week. The call to attempt to get a replacement phone took 2 hours and ended with the rep saying they couldn’t replace the phone (after we’d been repeatedly assured they would!). A ten-minute call to executive customer service solved everything – we had a free and functional phone overnighted to us, and, like the commenter above, we have a single name and number to call for the future.

    It’s nice when something actually works the way it’s supposed to!

  6. not_seth_brundle says:

    @MMD: Your story makes me sad. I’m glad that your problem was finally resolved, but it should never have gotten to that point in the first place.

  7. MMD says:

    Oh, believe me, I agree. It was infuriating. But at least someone stepped up and made it right. This doesn’t mean that we won’t seriously shop around for another provider once our contract is up!

  8. EwanG says:

    Since this appears to be working, any chance of getting the other majors to do the same? I’m just moving from AT&T/Cingular to T-Mobile (I know, bucking the trend), and I’d love to know that there was a T-Mobile hotline if I need it with the new service.

  9. Thrust says:

    LoL. What about that guy who got his service terminated by calling customer service too much. Irony abound if the solution for him is to AGAIN call a customer service line.

  10. b612markt says:

    I’ve had similar magical experiences with Verizon’s executive customer service. I used the email addresses listed in a post here on Consumerist – and my problems vanished!

  11. Frank_Trapasso says:

    I signed up for the $30 SERO plan and was only able to get everything worked out thanks to Anthony Spoon in exec. tech support (much love) and about nine other random tech support people.

    Sprint is apparently switching computer systems right now, so if you need to do something like switch from a Nextel phone to a Sprint phone, it’s likely to be more challenging.

    The upside is that they do have competent people on the phone – it’s just hard to know whether or not the person you’re talking to is one. Level 2 customer service, from what the rep told me, is not supposed to transfer people out. Perhaps asking for an escalation after regular customer service might be a good step before going the executive route.

  12. divide says:

    I resolved a plan issue through Executive Customer Service (though not this phone number) and was extremely happy with their handling of my issue.

    I had a competent person to talk to, they were able to understand and resolve my issue quickly, and when I called in again (due to some billing confusion… partly my fault) they picked right up where we left off. I highly recommend calling them.

    I’m happy with the way Sprint resolved my issue, but of course sad that standard CS was so lacking. However, given the costs, it’s a tough game supporting customers + offering competitive prices + being profitable.

  13. dfndr90 says:

    So far this hotline has not been helpful. Aside from being able to get someone on the phone, they still will not resolve my issues. I have been told they need to get more information from the store that I bought my phone from in order to assist me. Great now I have to wait a couple of weeks more.

  14. itsradBrad says:

    I just got off the phone with Tyler at the Executive Customer Service office and I am extremely pleased with the service I received. I had an issue with a Cancellation fee and he was able to remove the charge from my account.

    I would recommend calling this office if you have a legitimate issue.

    I must admit that its quite sad that the standard customer service employees at Sprint are unable, or unwilling to help in some cases. However the service I just received more than makes up for it.

    Yet another reason the Consumerist is an excellent resource for consumer advocates and smart cosumers alike.

    Thanks Consumerist!


  15. mvillafana says:

    The “executive” Sprint Customer Care # 703-433-4401 came out of my daytime minutes… Wait a sec–aren’t cell phone customer care calls supposed to be included in cell phone plans?

  16. Fitzador says:

    Kudos to Consumerist for this telephone hotline. A friend of mine wanted to cancel her Sprint account, but her contract expired the day after her billing cycle ended. The only way to cancel the contract is to call *the very day* the contract expires. So, the next day — one day after her billing cycle ended — she called to cancel Sprint. The service rep she spoke to said that she would be billed for the next month, since her billing cycle had started again. She spent an hour on the phone — and was also transferred to the “please don’t go” department — and didn’t get anywhere with getting next month’s bill waived. Finally, she asked to speak to a supervisor, and was told, “I’m as high as you’re going to go today.”

    I told her about the Sprint Consumerist hotline, and she had her account canceled, phone deactivated, and next month’s charges waived in about two minutes.

    Thanks, Consumerist!

  17. lthaus says:

    I too had a Major issue that customer/Account services could not seem to understand or fix.
    I have been truly stupefied at the way I was treated and the basic fact that, Sprint Messed up my account, Fixed my account then fixed me with another ETF attached to it. In the end, Both my fee and my daughter’s phone fee’s were waved. I am porting her number tonight when I get home.
    The call took another 30-40 minutes of my life, but I won’t ever have to talk with them again. I pray..

  18. TheBlackHatter says:

    I have to say that after having a sprint phone for almost a year now and having spent countless hours listening to that stupid song, it was refreshing to have someone pick up after the first ring. They couldn’t help me because my plan is an employee pricing plan but it was nice none the less, thanks alot consumerist. If anyone knows how to get results on an employee pricing plan let the world know, we need help.

  19. jimmyboy2 says:

    I just saw this post today, as I am fairly new to Consumerist. I have been impressed thus far with all the great info. This information is no exception. I’ve had problems with my Sprint phone (along with numerous billing issues) since i started my contract in February. I have had 4 of the same junk phone replaced since then on my phone, and 4 more on my wife’s.

    I saw this article today while at work, and called the number on the spot. I just about spit out my drink when, after 3 rings, a real person answered the phone. I told him my issue and he didn’t even beat around the bush; he offered me any replacement of at least the functionality of my current phone (and my wife’s), or a Blackberry upgrade for $99, and a new 30 day return period, no questions asked. Power to the people!!

  20. margrath says:

    I’m currently trying to fix an issue right now of a contract transfer we were trying to do.
    It’s a long sotry but in short, a sprint rep finialized the transfer without the new owner’s final consent of accepting the phone, so appearantly the new owner’s stuck with our cell phone which we still have with us but he has not returned our calls for the past 3 days.
    So, yes, it sounds like he’s ignoring us and not realizing he’s now the actual owner of our phone.
    I spoke to his wife yesterday and she promised she will have him call sprint but he hasn’t called them as of today.
    I remembered once I contacted Sprint Executive Services so they could help me buy a phone with a discount because mine dropped my calls all the time.
    A very nice lady called Kendra helped me get a new phone of my choice and with a discount.
    Now that I searched online for Sprint Executive services again, I found this page and read about your different cases.
    I called the number listed above and a very polite lady called Susan took over my case and promised me to resolve my situation.
    I will be in contact with her in the next few days so then I will be coming back here to post all about it.
    Wish me luck!

  21. NevadaMaddox says:

    OUTSOURCING! I called Sprint in regards to getting information on some internet service.. They are now selling our jobs to the Philippines! This person that I spoke to could barely speak english and it was the worst customer service I have ever had. What is Sprint doing? I used to work for Sprint and had their service at one time, but never again! I hope someone reads this and agrees with me…..Bruce