Consumerist Reader Sprint Executive Customer Service Hotline Works

That special hotline (703-433-4401) Sprint set up for Consumerist readers that goes directly to their executive customer service team actually works, according to reader Greg.

Hi guys,

I recently bought a BlackBerry 7130e for my primary voice line with the intent of activating it and getting into the glorious world of push e-mail. This was not meant to be, as when I activated it originally, the person doing so took off my voice plan and put me on a BlackBerry-only plan. After I called to get that fixed, they reverted me to my old voice plan but then neglected to put on a BlackBerry plan. While trying to get that fixed, I was told it was ‘impossible’ to have the voice plan I had with a BlackBerry plan. I called the Consumerist hotline, and spoke with an extremely kind (and, imagine this-competent) lady by the name of Gloria, who spent at least 2 hours working on figuring out how to fix this issue.

It was determined that there wasn’t an easy way to add BlackBerry service to my voice plan, and so I asked her if I could do a phone swap. She agreed to let me swap out my BlackBerry for a Windows Mobile PDA (so I could do most of the same things) and, she also agreed to cover the difference in price!

She went way above and beyond and I just wanted to ask you to post this so that hopefully Sprint gets some credit for doing something right. They’ve really impressed me with how well they work on things if the need arises to escalate calls all the way up to them.


Sweet. Glad to hear it. If you have a longstanding Sprint issue that you can’t get resolved through multiple attempts with regular Sprint customer service, dial the hotline at 703-433-4401.

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