Recording Of Tmobile Trying To Prevent Matt Haughey From Cancelling For An iPhone

Listen to the valiant attempt a T-mobile retention rep makes to keep Matt Haughey, Metafilter creator, from canceling and switching to an iPhone.

It’s really quite amusing, you can practically hear in the rep’s voice the list of objections he’s cribbing from…

• long lines
• 3 clicks from the front screen to make a call
• iPhones sold out

…made all the more laughable because Matt already has the phone.

The best part is probably when Vic asks Matt if he still wants to stay with Tmobile and Matt says, “No,” and then Vic asks, “Was that a yes?”

They try to sell him to taking to the Tmobile Wing, give him a month of free service, or reduce his service fee to $20 a month and keep his phone “as a backup.”

Don’t know what “Vic” was expecting… that he could really talk Matt into returning his iPhone and keeping Tmobile service? A for effort, F for reality.

Canceling tmobile [A Whole Lotta Nothing]
(Photo: theerin)

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