Man Takes Taxi To Rob WaMu, Stops At 7-11, Still Gets Away

A white male about 6′ tall with dirty blonde hair hailed a taxi and took it to a Washington Mutual branch in Orlando, FL. He then asked the driver to wait while he went inside to “do his business.”

His business was robbing the bank. Afterwards, the taxi took him to a 7-11. By the time the police caught up to the cab, the man had long since departed. Was the cab driver in on it? Probably not, police think.

The police say they’re going to look at the surveillance tapes of the 7-11. We really had no idea it was this easy to rob a bank. Hooray for the FDIC.

Bank robber takes a cab to heist, then stops at 7-eleven [St. Petersburg Times]
Man uses cab in Orlando bank heist [Orlando Sentinel]


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  1. ptkdude says:

    How the hell do you rob a WaMu? All their cash is dispensed by computer; the tellers don’t have cash drawers! At least that’s how it has been at every branch I’ve ever been to.

  2. Amry says:

    Hah, as I’m reading this, I’m seeing a story on the noon news here in Columbus about a couple who did the exact same thing. They also got away the first time but were just arrested about an hour ago in downtown Columbus after their second cab-assisted robbery.

    Maybe they read The Consumerist?

  3. BadgerKyle says:

    PTKDUDE – Not all of the WaMus have been converted to the computer dispensing yet . . .

  4. IC18 says:

    @Amry: Thats because they got too greedy. I say hit once and hit it big if I were to ever rob a bank, which I wouldn’t, really!!

  5. peggyhill says:

    …Only in Florida can you get away with robbery in this manner.

  6. roamer1 says:


  7. JuliusJefferson says:

    Strange bank robbings lately…

    Here in Birmingham, AL, I can remember TWO stories in the past month where someone robbed a bank then escaped on a bicycle. Both men were arrested on the same road soon after leaving.

  8. QuirkyRachel says:

    Ok, what idiot uses a bike as a getaway vehicle?