Man Takes Taxi To Rob WaMu, Stops At 7-11, Still Gets Away

A white male about 6′ tall with dirty blonde hair hailed a taxi and took it to a Washington Mutual branch in Orlando, FL. He then asked the driver to wait while he went inside to “do his business.”

His business was robbing the bank. Afterwards, the taxi took him to a 7-11. By the time the police caught up to the cab, the man had long since departed. Was the cab driver in on it? Probably not, police think.

The police say they’re going to look at the surveillance tapes of the 7-11. We really had no idea it was this easy to rob a bank. Hooray for the FDIC.

Bank robber takes a cab to heist, then stops at 7-eleven [St. Petersburg Times]
Man uses cab in Orlando bank heist [Orlando Sentinel]

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