Electronics Retailers Are Angry After iPhone Snub

Electronics retailers want to sell the iPhone and they’re speaking out about it. A good many customers don’t realize that the iPhone is being sold exclusively by AT&T and Apple stores and they’re wandering into electronics retailers asking for the phone, according to CNN Money. This makes consumer electronics retailers sad.

J&R Music World, New York, a long-time Apple dealer, said, “This is a product J&R is interested in as both an Apple and AT&T dealer. We think we can do a good job with it. Our customers have expressed a great deal of interest in the product,” noted a spokesman.

“We’re the guys that sell the 103-inch Plasma TV from Panasonic. (NYSE:MC) We were one of the first retailers to carry Sonos. We have the know-how and customer base to sell the iPhone,” said Tom Galanis, merchandising VP for 6th Avenue Electronics, Springfield, N.J. He added, “A cellphone store is a cellphone store. My feeling is they are shooting themselves in the foot … Apple would be better served by picking a few higher-end retailers that have a track record of selling high-end technology.”

“We sell elaborate home networks and people view their homes or their kids with the babysitter when they are out to dinner. Because of the iPhone’s large screen, it works fine with that application, and our customers want to put it on the network.”

Wait, you can watch your baby monitor on the iPhone? It’s a brave new world.

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(Photo: stan)

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