How To Shop At A Farmer's Market

Finding the freshest, healthiest, and tastiest produce at a farmer’s market requires asking farmers the right questions:

5. When was this picked? You ideally want fruit and vegetables that were picked one or two days before arriving at the market.
4. Can you recommend a recipe? Farmers usually have creative ideas for turning their produce into delicious meals. Don’t pretend you would know how to prepare Kohlrabi without asking.

3. Is it organic? Fruit and vegetables are not organic just by virtue of their presence at a farmer’s market.
2. What are the farm’s sustainability practices? Do they rotate crops and utilize bio-diversity?
1. Are those free range eggs? Chickens that roam freely and much on grass produce eggs with a richer, orange-yellow yolk.

Farmer’s Market Shopping Tips [wannaveg via Frugal For Life]
(Photo: _e.t)

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