String Bikinis: Now Available for Toddlers!

The Arizona Republic is reporting that Gap Kids now offers a crochet string bikini for 1 year-olds. What?

GapKids recently featured a white, crocheted string bikini you’d likely see Anna Kournikova wearing on the cover of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. The bikini was for a 12-month-old.

Racks at Target held several bathing suits perfect for a Hawaiian Tropic bikini competition. The crocheted and camouflage-designed suits started at Size 4 in the little girls’ section.

Inseams on “classic” shorts at stores such as Abercrombie Kids and Hollister Co. are microscopic. And halter tops, shirts often lauded by fashion consultants for their ability to enhance a less-than-voluptuous chest, are everywhere for every age.

Moms hoping to find anything even mildly modest have to be happy Bermuda shorts are trendy again.

We don’t have kids or (much) younger sisters or nieces or anything, so we have no idea if this article is exaggerating, but it claims that parents are resorting to sewing their children’s clothes themselves because they can’t find non-slutty duds for their elementary school kids. Is this true?

Exasperation rises as suggestive clothes for girls spread from teens to toddlers [Arizona Republic]
(Photo: Gap Kids Bikini, Available For Girls 35lbs 41″)


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  1. B says:

    Finally, teenage mothers and their daughters can dress alike.

  2. adrock75 says:

    I’m surprised it doesn’t say “Porn Star” across the crotch and “Juicy” on the butt.

  3. phrygian says:

    It’s absurd and stupid that any place would make a string bikini for a baby. But, really, the horrid bit is that there are parents who buy them and dress their kids in them.

  4. healthdog says:

    Caught somewhere between disgusted and depressed…
    “Mom, does this diaper make me look fat?”

  5. jaredharley says:

    Hey, I caught this last month @ Old Navy:


    It bothers the crap out of me. Absolutely disgusting!

  6. The Bigger Unit says:

    Part of me thinks, “God help us all.”

    The other part thinks about parents who let their kid run around the beach butt naked…so I guess a string bikini is an improvement over that? …I guess?

  7. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    Oh whatever. I wore a bikini when I was a little kid, and that was in the earrrrly 80s! I think you’re all overreacting here a bit.

    And no, I wasn’t white trash. Just want to clear that up.

  8. kris in seattle says:

    WTF?! Why is a 12 month old even in water except for bathing purposes anyway? Goddammit.

  9. Steel_Pelican says:

    @phrygian: Good point.

    The only way that they’ll stop making this nonsense is if people stop buying it.

    In reference to jaredharley’s image,

    I think it’s interesting that those weird, pseudo-wetsuit beach shirts have come into style for boys, as have the longer board shorts. As the girls are getting less and less covered, the boys are more and more covered up.

  10. Anitra says:

    This was a problem for me and my mother even 20 years ago. I was a big kid, and was wearing “juniors” (teenage girl) size clothing by the time I was about 8. Problem was, nothing in the juniors section would fit my school’s dress code: knee-length or longer skirts with no slits. And the shirts were pretty revealing (although not as bad as today’s). I ended up bouncing back and forth between the largest things available in the Sears “girls” section, and the old-lady clothes in the rest of the store.

    I feel for the girls (and their mothers) who are trying to find age-appropriate clothing. I think I need to learn to sew before I have kids.

    Why don’t more parents refuse to buy this crap?

  11. mopar_man says:

    it claims that parents are resorting to sewing their children’s clothes themselves because they can’t find non-slutty duds for their elementary school kids. Is this true?

    I can believe it. I really don’t understand how parents can let their little girls look like sluts from an early age. I have a niece and luckily my sister-in-law doesn’t allow her to wear this stupid shit.

  12. ptkdude says:

    This is perfect! My niece turns 1 on July 12th… Gap Kids here I come!

  13. nardo218 says:

    I looked on the Old Navy Website, the bikinis don’t look so bad, but I don’t see anything I’d call a “crocheted string bikini.” I wore bikinis when I was itty too; they’re not practical, though, they don’t stay on very well.

    I do agree that the little hooker line is big, but I don’t think it’s *impossible* to find something decent. Getting your kid to agree to something decent, though …

  14. superlayne says:

    Ugh. Great. This just makes me think of what influences like Disney live-action shows and Nick’s Drake and Josh and that other show with Brittany’s sister are doing to things. Yes, they’re not the cause, but they sure aren’t helping.

    Just buy your girls tee shirts online with witty, age appropriate phrases. I honestly can’t stand the sluttification of young girls anymore.

  15. kenposan says:


    Sorry, have to disagree here. The issue is that we continue to sexualize our children at an increasingly younger age. I have a 5 year old and two year old twins. My wife and I looked hard to find a non-bikini swimsuit for the five year old. Putting infants in one is ridiculous.

    And then we wonder why kids are having sex earlier. WE ARE SEXUALIZING THEM AT A YOUNGER AGE.

    As to parents sewing clothes because they can’t find any? Go to Target. Great clothes, great price. Not all of it is slutty.

    /she won’t be wearing a bikini at age 12, either.

  16. @pinkbunnyslippers: Maybe, but only because it’s being viewed in the wider context of childrens’ clothing becoming smaller and more like clothing for adults in general.

    @MEG MARCO: I don’t know about parents sewing clothes but my sister knows several grown women who now shop in the children’s section of clothing stores.

  17. Jigen says:

    Not surprising. I see girls where I work all the time under the age of 13, sometimes as low as 6 or 7, dressed like the sluttiest of sluts.

  18. reznicek111 says:

    So, presumably someone sells a bikini-sized diaper that fits under this thing without showing? This is just crazy.

  19. BeastMasterJ says:

    Somewhere in the world, a pedophile just got his wings.

  20. And what the heck is the bikini top supposed to be holding up on a baby anyway? I think they’re trying to get people to spend more money by buying individual pieces or something.

  21. Starfury says:

    I’ve got a 9 yr old daughter. It’s very hard to find jeans that aren’t low rise, shirts that will cover her waist, and skirts that barely cover her behind!

    She’s NINE!!! WTF are they thinking!?

  22. Celticlady says:

    As the mom of 11 year old, I can laugh and cry at the string bikini. I will confirm that the baby slut look has been alive and well for years. (I have a 20 year old as well)

    I will comment that if your younger child is wearing a 2 piece, it makes those “potty runs” that much easier. Because until you have pulled all the parts of a wet one piece back on a squirming child in a really tiny stall, you don’t know what Summer fun truly is!

  23. Thrust says:

    Now this whole dress-a-toddler-like-a-sex-object trend COULDN’T POSSIBLY have shown up because whores like Paris get publicity instead of prison, and Bratz toys surely aren’t telling kids to dress as skimpy as the dolls (can you fucking believe they have Baby Bratz)? How about the poledancing toy for 5-8y/o girls released last year.

    Its actually kind of funny. Boys’ toys have gotten suckier. Nerf guns are all fruity and lame because “Guns are bad”, our awesome micromachines military collections have been replaced with sea rescue and firetrucks, and the whole world goes apeshit because Lego (for the first time in history) made pieces for the starwars sets that actually resembled a gun… AND THEN we go and fuck it up for the girls too with that crap… So our daughters are slutty strap-on wearing whores by age 5, and our sons are turning gay from the lack of manliness in their lives. We’re all doomed.

  24. Youthier says:

    @pinkbunnyslippers: I had one too but they weren’t like these. These are miniature versions of what you see in SI. I had pink with bright flowers and ruffles… more of a two piece than a bikini. You can’t find the stuff we used to wear anymore.

    We’re this far in the thread without anyone mentioning the SNL commercial for Huggies thongs?

  25. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    @missbrooke06: LOL I guess you’re right – I wasn’t parading around in a Maria Sharapova getup when I was 2. “Two piece” is more appropos than “bikini” I suppose.

  26. wenhaver says:

    My 20 month old has a 2 piece, but it’s not a bikini by any means. The top piece touches the bottom piece when she’s got it on. It just happens to make diaper changes easier when the suit is wet.

    As for other things… she wears a lot of her brother’s cast off shorts, because many of the shorts available for her are way, way too short.

  27. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    @kenposan: So what you’re saying is that when my mom put me into a little two piece bathing suit with big flowers and ruffles on it, she was “sexualizing” me? Maybe the times were different back then…

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not advocating toddlers walking around in thongs. In fact, I cringe when I see teenage girls dressing like hoochies.

    Take a look at the Coppertone baby. She’s running around in underwear!!

  28. jamesBrauer66 says:

    A couple of good bits of media on this subject are a book by Celia Rivenbark called, “Stop Dressing Your Six Year Old Like a Skank”, and the film, “Little Miss Sunshine”. I don’t do much shopping for my little girls, but I hear it is hard to find clothes that don’t have prominent logos and/or aren’t in bad taste for the age group.

  29. joemono says:

    @Thrust: So if little girls play with guns, does that turn them into lesbians?

  30. any such name says:

    there is a difference between letting a kid run around in underwear vs. putting a bikini on it. all babies love to take their shirts off and run around in as little clothing as possible (or maybe that’s just my friends’ kids…), whereas a bikini is a bathing suit not designed to be comfortable for a woman but to make her look sexy.

    the coppertone baby is just doing what tons of little kids do.

    i was a child of the 80s and always had a one-piece. there are pictures of me in diapers in the pool, too.
    in addition, a neighbor’s granddaughter would never wear a shirt in the summertime. this was when she was about 8, and she looked pretty asexual. what’s wrong with that?

  31. Thrust says:

    @joemono: I don’t know… We must obtain a government research grant so we may explore this possible method of manufacturing lesbians. Quick, to the RonJeremymobile!

    Tho seriously… Between Emo’s, Goths, and Metro’s, not many boys are acting like BOYS anymore, and dressing more and more like girls USED TO before this slutphase.

  32. design_chick says:

    I guess I must be a super slut because my parents and I used to travel to the Caribbean a lot when I was really young. I have these 2 pictures of me when I was like 3 years old wearing 2 of the smallest little bikinis imaginable. I think it was pretty cute actually. I think on a really small child it’s okay, but once you start getting to the tweens its a bit weird. And by no means did I dress like a slut at all as a child… it was all stretch pants and oversized shirts for me (yay, 80s/90s!). Its just a bathing suit! I’d rather see a kid in a small bathing suit than topless in a diaper or underwear honestly. At least the fabric is made for that purpose.

  33. design_chick says:

    I gu

  34. design_chick says:

    @bleedingheartlib: I’ve been swimming since I’ve been in the womb. What’s wrong with letting a baby swim?

  35. Trai_Dep says:

    Two thoughts:

    * shouldn’t the bikini top have falsies built in? I believe in empowerment but sometimes tykes need a little bit of help. And wadded up tissue makes a MESS in the pool.

    * to be gender-neutral, shouldn’t there be boys – what – thongs? Tarzan loincloths? (have no idea what properly sexualized, fashionable two-year-old boys should be wearing…)

    I guess, following tyke fashion trends, five years from now, boys will be wearing male burkas, and girls will be wearing… Floss?


  36. MagicJewball says:

    In answer to your question, for my niece’s Bat Mitzvah my sister had to buy two of the same dress and sew them together in order to make an outfit modest enough for synagogue. All the formal outfits they found were strapless, low-cut, etc.

  37. faust1200 says:

    Q: What’s the one thing you don’t want to say in Victoria’s Secret?

    A: Where are the children’s sizes?

  38. Ola says:

    OK, little kids in two-piece swimsuits aren’t terrible – they’re kids! But why bother making *that* one instead of a cute one with coverage & ruffles – they’re kids! I don’t think anyone’s too concerned about a baby in a 2-piece, but it’s that they *keep* wearing the bikinis, and other incredibly immodest items as they grow up.

    And I played with toy guns as a child…

  39. jeffj-nj says:

    I’d like to join the others saying they don’t blame the Gap.

    Responsibility for this falls clearly on the parents.

  40. Dancinghawk says:

    This isn’t really a modesty issue, but when I worked retail, we had baby sized Lugs, or whatever those shoes were that were really trendy a few years ago. These were infant shoes that ran something like $30 to $60 — for something that the kid was going to grow out of in a matter of months. It was undeniably a stupid status thing, but it still baffled me when people would actually buy the things for kids that weren’t even walking yet.

  41. ldt says:

    @pinkbunnyslippers: Yep. And does anyone remember the freaking Coppertone girl?

    I’ve never looked at a two-year-old in a bathing suit and thought, “What a slut!” It sounds like the real problem here is adults who insist on placing weird grown-up expectations and sexualization on kids.

  42. infinitysnake says:

    How can a 12 month old possibly look like a ‘slut?’ It’s bathing suit, for chrissakes. I had one just like it when I was two, in the seventies.

  43. Raanne says:

    I dont really see the big deal. I would say that if you saw that on a 1-yr-old and thought for a second she was sexualized by wearing that, then the problem is in the eye of the beholder. I dont agree with what teens and “tweens” are wearing, and yes that is very sexualized these days – but please – that is more coverage than what the baby boys are wearing to the pool.

    If anything i think the problem is that a little girl of that age shouldn’t have to be wearing any type of top.

  44. spanky says:

    @design_chick: Babies are like fecal teabags. People who can’t control elimination really shouldn’t be using public swimming pools.

  45. ldt says:

    @Raanne: Exactly! No top, and there should be a little dog pulling down the bottoms. ;)

  46. design_chick says:

    @spanky: Because I’m sure that no adults or other children ever pee in the pool. In that case, there shouldn’t be pools at all! I feel bad for your kids. Hopefully you won’t keep them in a cage.

    @ldt: I agree with your statement about the adults with this viewpoint having the problem…

  47. spanky says:


    I am not talking about urine. I am talking about feces.

    The fact is that babies shit in their pants, and if they happen to be in a pool when they do so, it ends up in the pool.

    Swimming in water contaminated with untreated sewage puts everyone at risk, especially other people’s children. Your decision to expose others to that is selfish and inconsiderate.

    Swim diapers can reduce fecal contamination, and certainly make it less visible. However, they do not eliminate the risks.

    BTW, your assumptions are sloppy, and just make you look stupid and irrational.

  48. Gloria says:

    What about safety issues? A one-year-old isn’t a newborn, but I wouldn’t put any string-clothing on her.

  49. SaraAB87 says:

    From what I hear its way worse in Japan, although its pretty bad in the USA. A couple years ago at target I caught high heels (I mean pretty high, like 2 inches at least) in childrens sizes 10 and 11, which is like.. really small and almost baby sized. Almost all young girls (aka about 5 and up) I see are wearing high heels that are made in their sizes or desire to wear them. Almost every kid I know has at least one pair of high heels some have a lot more.

    What puzzles me is that in the USA kids are getting bigger and bigger and childrens clothes are getting smaller and skimpier and skimpier every year.

    The smaller and smaller clothes seem to only affect girls though, the problem is, is that a lot of girls go through an awkward stage at about ages 9-12 where they really don’t make any clothes to fit them either way, so your either stuck packing them into too small kids clothes, or stuck with a kid who is wearing super loose adult clothes, neither which look right. You can buy the plus-sized childrens clothes at sears (yes, sears has a plus-sized children’s department) but that can be really demeaning to children who are rather normal sized and are just at an awkward in-between age, no kid wants to shop in the plus-sizes department. Juniors clothes usually don’t start fitting until about age 12 or a little older and when I was younger I just skipped right over the Juniors mainly cause I didn’t like any of the clothes.

    If you have a kid that is even just a little bit overweight it gets even harder than this. I see tons of kids and teens walking around here with their stomachs and legs bulging out of too small clothes yet trying to walk in high heels at the same time, but I am not going to go any further with that thought. Head to the local mall in the summer and you will see what I mean.

    Oh and parents buy these clothes because… they are the only clothes the retail stores sell!!! Sewing might be a good option because at least you could make bigger clothes patterend on whats in style so that you don’t have a kid that hates their clothes.

    Swimsuits aren’t all bad nowadays, its a pretty standard design and they make two-piece styled swimsuits that cover a lot more of the body than what used to be covered in the 80s when I was a kid. I was stuck with mainly one-piece swimsuits as a kid. I would imagine these would be a disaster for toddlers that need a diaper change!

    There are many more alternatives to swimsuits today for both adults and children. Sure you have the standard bikini and one piece ones but they also have adult swimsuits that look just like a dress so you can cover your whole chest area and stomach and kids swimsuits that also cover most of the chest area and stomach.

  50. Gazpacho says:

    The string bikinis for babies Gap Inc sells at Old Navy aren’t too bad considering the tops are larger proportionately than the women’s. Although, the pictures of babies in the string bikinis on the front of our baby shop visual presentation guide makes me uncomfortable. It’s something about the style of the picture that doesn’t sit right with me.

    Personally I feel Gap Inc is going a little too sexy with Old Navy lately. Back when we were getting in tons of summer clothing in many of us were surprised at the tiny short shorts for the girls department. Then there are the visuals. Next time you are in Old Navy (if soon) check out the pictures of the models. Above the women’s and men’s denim are some sexy pictures I’d expect in other stores (A&E?). The ones I have seen for the kids shops are interesting, one boy seems like he’s a future A&F model.

    It seems like the company is trying to target the 20 something market pretty hard lately. It’s just not the Old Navy I remember from a few years ago. Sadly the more products I see come in and the more visuals we get it seems the company just tries too hard to shake the family friendly image of the 90s. Remember buying matching flag tees for the whole family and matching pj bottoms for everyone at Christmas? Now mother, daughter, and baby can all have tiny swimsuits.

    I almost forgot. Most of the two piece bikinis for babies haven’t sold that well at the store I work at. Although, the tiny two pieces for girls are pretty much gone. I had the misfortune to see a girl come out of the fitting room one day to show her mom how it fit. Poor mother was mortified, the girl was very pleased with how tiny it was, though.

    Although, you can’t blame the company for selling something that makes profit, right? If a Gap Inc store didn’t carry the product then it would be bought elsewhere probably. I just don’t know where they got the idea that selling two piece, triangle bikini tops for baby girls would be a good idea. (From what I noticed less is sold than a one piece or the tankinis, and the tiny two parts are easy for shoplifters to snag.) From seeing and hearing about new product to come out soon I would love to know where they get their “great ideas”. Today I saw a men’s sweater with a lion face printed on the front.

    Bottom of the Ladder at ON that Happens to Take Notice

  51. Samby says:

    This is nothing new. My oldest daughter is 5, and I’ve always had to put a lot of effort into finding appropriate clothing for her that is reasonably priced.

    Gap and Old Navy have been making string bikinis just like this for years, but they usually also have one pieces available. Most of their clothing is just miniature versions of what they sell in their adult divisions.

    I’ve had good luck with Gymboree, when they go on sale their prices aren’t horrible, and most of their clothing looks like it’s meant for little girls.

  52. Blah blah blah. This is a simple case of “you kids get off my lawn.” Remember when we were kids and 12 year olds were hooked on crack and we were all gonna die of AIDS by the time we were 20 if the bomb didn’t kill us all first? Remember your parents weeping for the future? Yeah, it’s your turn now.

    I have a 5 year old girl. I have absolutely no problem finding reasonable, non-slutty clothes for her. She has a 2 piece bathing suit. Is it a string bikini? No. Not even close. We bought it at Target. Parents who are claiming they have to resort to sewing their own clothes are lying, plain and simple.

    We bought some clothes for her yesterday, in fact. And the thing that cracked me up about what was offered was the retro nature of it all. The colors, cuts, etc., looked just like the stuff the elementary school girls wore in my neighborhood circa 1979.

    In other news, the sky is falling.

  53. Metschick says:

    @Samby: I agree with your rec. of Gymboree. Gymboree has great stuff.

    I have a 2 year old, and I’ve bought her two-pieces from ON and Gap and they look fine on her (I’d post a pic, but I’m scared of people calling her a slut).

    Granted, that position will be revisited as she gets older. I do agree that clothes for girls ages 6+ is kinda skimpy. My niece is 7, and her mom always has a hard time finding skirts to cover her butt.

  54. etinterrapax says:

    If girls the same age as my son are anything like him, this is roughly equal to letting the baby run naked. No article of clothing that’s tied on would last more than three seconds.

    The solution to this seems simple to me: don’t buy it. I agree it’s harder to find modest girls’ clothes, but they’re out there. I’m definitely grateful that this hasn’t spread to boys’ clothes. He’s a breeze to dress, even if the selection in most stores is a third what it is for girls.

  55. Brocklesocks says:

    Kinda makes me wonder what kind of mind most of you have if you’re looking at a bikini as sexual. I think it’s cute!

  56. Me. says:

    I blame MTV and George Bush.

    … I keed. Sidenote: Why isn’t anyone outraged by all those poor little boys who are forced to wear speedos?

    @spanky: I was a lifeguard when I was a teenager and we would always hope and pray that a baby would poop in the pool, as it meant closing the pool for 24 hours so it could be “shocked” with chlorine. I don’t think any group of teenagers ever searched so hard for a little piece of floating poop….

  57. Xerloq says:

    This is useless unless they make a thong diaper.

    Announcing new “Little Swimmers Thong Diapers!”

  58. Trai_Dep says:

    Heh, actually Speedos don’t bug me at all. I was swimming since I could walk, on team during middle and high school. Euro and Asian friends (they’re not as body-phobic across the ponds). Long story short, Speedos are more utilitarian than erotic.

    That said, the first time I wore Speedos in public was… Awkward. For about five minutes. Then got over it. (shrug)

  59. astrochimp says:

    @spanky: Of course, there are some locales in the world in which one needn’t only have recourse to a large concrete basin in order to have a swim (e.g., lakes, oceans, et al).

  60. fazzbot says:

    Get over it: Infants should be allowed to run around nude or in swimsuits. If these were g-strings I would think it was a bit odd, but if our society is afraid of a little infant nudity we have serious problems.

  61. lestat730 says:

    All these problems with child sex predators these days and this is what they are selling to young children? WTF!

  62. ceejceej says:

    @AnitraSmith: I went thru this ordeal , too. The industry DID have an answer to this problem: it was called the Limited, Too! Unfortunately, they closed most of the stores due to poor sales and parent’s complaining that the clothes weren’t “trendy” enough.

  63. ceejceej says:

    @lestat730: Especially when you grow up in a society where the 6-year-old Coppertone girl exposing her ass is considered cute!

    I’ve ALWAYS had a problem with those baby commercials where the little girls are bare-chested. It just seems weird that it’s cute when she’s under the age of 4, but if she’s 5 or older, it’s indecent. What gives?

  64. paco says:

    @Kilgore Trout: I’ll agree with you, in part. But the reality is that you have to hunt to find appropriate clothing in the age of Bratz, etc. Target is good, but I find myself paying a little more lately and going for Hanna Andersson and L.L.Bean. At least the clothes are cute and not just shrunken versions of adult “fashions.”

  65. says:

    I make my kids lots of their clothes because I’m cheap. The side effect is that I can avoid generic, branded (i.e. Disney/Bratz/etc) crap which makes them look like idiots ;-)

  66. Mom2Talavera says:

    It depends on the age and bathing suit style. If my husband had it his way our daughter would wear this!

    click for a laugh

  67. Mom2Talavera says:

    I don’t let my daughter wear licensed character stuff out in public for that reason. Its always some fat chick named Heather that likes wearing stupid tweety bird or Winnie the Pooh shirts….lol

  68. joemono says:

    @XERLOQ: I believe SNL did a commercial for “Huggies Thongs.”

  69. TV Online says:

    This wouldn’t be the first time, I recall that Abercrombie and Fitch had a line of underwear for little girls that had these dirty puns/double entrendres (sp?) written right on the crotch area.

    Then after those were pulled, the company released a line of thongs for pre-teens (as in the 6-10 market).

  70. Michael says:

    @Kilgore Trout: But you can’t be calm and rational on the internets!!!

  71. crankymediaguy says:

    Sheesh people, chill! These aren’t for EVERY 1-year-old, just the hot ones!

  72. synergy says:

    Then SURELY there were banana hammocks for toddler boys?

  73. LuvJones says:

    I have a soon to be five year old. It’s true I find it hard to find non-slutastic clothes. Why in the heyall does a child need LOW RISE JEANS!?! The reason for a bikini is to be sexy and show as much skin as possible right? Can’t understand for the life of me why any parent would want to put their little one or even preteen in a bikini. It’s like parents aren’t thinking of the bigger picture and the message it sends. As for the Bratz dolls my daughter has one and it’s the HEAD only (for braiding hair and such). Does a child really need a bare midrift? You can’t blame the industry. They only make things that sell. Parents really need to come to their senses!

  74. BiscuitDoughJones says:

    I never had a bikini until i was 12, but back in the 80’s, one-piece options were cool and widely available.
    I had this great swimsuit when i was 3- it was black but had a ruffled, tuxedo-like bib panel on the front. Complete with little, red bow-tie.
    I CRIED when I grew out of it.

    Androgeny was cool back in my formitive years. Now I have a 7-year-old little sister and she refuses to wear any color too far out of the pink spectrum because “it’s for a boy.”
    AAAAAAND she dresses like a little skank. partly b/c that’s how the clothes are made, and also in part b/c the child is abnormally tall & thin, so it’s hard to keep all of the legs and/or tummy covered up at all times….. okay, and she has a pair of high-heeled sandals that her trashy Grandma bought her. I’m gong to hide them from her someday. She’s always complaining that her little developing feet are hurting her, and she wears those sandals pretty much every day.
    This causes me to shake with rage.

  75. synergy says:

    @Mom2Talavera: Yikes! I didn’t know that stuff was still made! Some people seriously need to stop wishing it was 1915. *shudder*

    Some moderation in the clothing would be nice.

  76. rockergal says:

    that’s nothing, I saw THONGS for pre-teens already.

  77. palaste says:

    @Me.: Do you really need an answer to that question?

    All these comments make me a bit more glad I’m male. I don’t have problems deciding on how to dress for swimming, a bare chest and midriff goes everywhere.

    But anyway, I agree that “sexualising” children is bad, and little girls dressing up in slut-like bikinis is a twisted state of affairs.

  78. xskeptictankx says:

    I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that little girls WANT to dress like this because their idols are people like Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan or the fact that parents allow it to happen.

  79. Trai_Dep says:

    @crankymediaguy: You are so going to Hell… :P

  80. vergabaths says:

    a very safe-for-work image of the bathing suit I’d buy in a heartbeat: [] (The one on the left, no orange for me, thank you.)
    However, I have seriously considered getting one of these:
    [] (I am a Christian, btw)

    Oh, and this just in, Garanimals aren’t extinct:
    [] (too bad they don’t have swimwear)

  81. notebook says:

    Does anyone remember watching that episode of South Park? Stupid spoiled whore, wasn’t it?

    Juuuuuust a reminder.

  82. Amanda-in-NC says:

    For those moms who are horrified as me by the mini-slut getups, I’d recommend Hanna Andersson clothing – cute, bright colors, incredibly well-made, and appropriate!! My daughter just turned one and I’ve bought six or eight outfits from there that are soft, comfortable, and cute. I think they have a few stores, but they have a great website and catalog. Google ’em. I’m not a Hanna employee, just a customer who believes baby milk bellies don’t go with string bikinis.

  83. markedward says:


    “Oh, Meg! Look at this one! Sperm Dumpster!”

  84. Saturnia says:


    I’m 21 and I wear children’s sizes, and I have to say that finding sexy clothes that fit me is a LOT harder than many commenters here seem to think. Or maybe I’m just not looking in the right stores?

  85. WraithSama says:


    Heh! This article made me think of the exact same thing. That episode of Family Guy where Lois is helping Meg shop for clothes and points out the shirts that say “Porn Star”, “Slut”, and “Sperm Dumpster”. The sad thing, that’s not entirely satire, as it’s becoming a more common sight to see girls walking around wearing that kind of garbage.

  86. bubby626 says:

    I see no problem with toddlers wearing 2 peices or bikinis for that matter. I for one bought a bikini for my (then) 12 month old daughter last year. It fit her better than any one peice would due to her height and if you get bigger size one peices the are too baggy. I see alot of parents who are Ticked off that they cant even pull off a 2 peice. its a baby! who in their right mind is going to look at your kid and say “hmmm thats hot.. imma tap that diaper”.. they wont… so save you complaining and lose some weight if your so jealous and self concious. plain and simple. dont go judging peoples parenting because its diffrent than your own. Live, Learn, and get the heck over it.