Michigan woman sues Starburst for $25,000+ for permanent personal injuries after biting into a Fruit Chew that she says pulled her jaw out of joint. Get bent, Starburst respectfully replies (VIDEO).


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  1. Steel_Pelican says:

    Maybe I should sue them for all the dental work I’ve had to get done thanks to their delicious, delicious products.

  2. healthdog says:

    And if this doesn’t pan out, she’s going to sue her doctor for not warning her that the flu shot needle would be pointy.

  3. mopar_man says:

    Get bent, Starburst respectfully replies

    I wish more companies would reply like this. Good job Starburst! I will continue to support you in the future.

  4. tcp100 says:

    Man, people are amazing. Truly amazing. To get on TV and act this idiotic, but not be the least bit embarrassed.. I’m flummoxed.

  5. I am going to sue both Consumerist.com and that Michigan woman for making me laughing so hard that water squirted out of my nose, and the water landed on my pants causing a large wet spot, which I was embarrassed and humiliated by my cat.

    How is that for a lawsuit!


  6. rawsteak says:

    what i think is the funniest part is that under “Related Stories” it has links to “Anna Nicole Smith Dies After Collapse” and “Anna Nicole Smith Dies in Florida at 39”

    Maybe the correlation between these stories and the Starburst lawsuit are some tag words…

    stupid, woman, wtf, lawsuit, hilarious?

  7. amyjay says:

    I don’t know what’s better, the story or the fact that the lawyer’s name was Brain. I had to replay it a few times in order to believe it.

  8. markedward says:

    How is this Starburst’s fault? It could have been a sucker, a popcicle, a steak, or even a toothpick that set her jaw out of joint. Idiot.