China Shuts Down 180 Factories Using Illegal Chemicals In Food

China has announced via its state media that 180 factories have been closed for using illegal and dangerous products in food. From CNN:

Formaldehyde, illegal dyes, and industrial wax were found being used to make candy, pickles, crackers and seafood, it said, citing Han Yi, an official with the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, which is responsible for food safety.

“These are not isolated cases,” Han, director of the administration’s quality control and inspection department, was quoted as saying.

China says that the factories were mostly small, unlicensed food plants with less than 10 employees. The state media also said that 75% of China’s 1 million food plants are “are small and privately owned.” Hey, everyone, China just learned about something we call “PR.” Sadly, they couldn’t keep this little tidbit of stomach-churning news out of the New York Times:

For instance, in 2005, officials in south China found a company repackaging food waste and shipping it to 10 other regions. And just last week, officials said a company in Anhui province, not far from Shanghai, was selling a two-year-old rice dumpling mix as fresh, according to the state-controlled media.

China shuts 180 food factories for using illegal chemicals [CNN]
In Food Safety Crackdown, China Closes 180 Plants [NYT]
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