Balance Your Budget With iBank (Mac)

iBank is a friendly-looking budgeting software program for Mac with a diverse set of robust features.

The program lets you track spending, create budgets, schedule transactions, and more. It even lets you import Quicken files. It also looks nice. But pretty don’t come for free, iBank runs $49.99.

If that’s too rich, you can also try one of these 8 Free Personal Finance Management Programs or 6 Free Alternatives To Quicken And Money.

iBank2 [IGG Software] (Thanks to Daniel!)


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  1. Jonukas says:

    This is looks very good. Has anyone used it? How does it conpare with Cha-Ching?


    I heard some good things about it, but never had time to try it. It’s a little cheaper at $40, but doesn’t look like it has all the features that iBank has.

  2. figz says:

    I use Budget from Snowmint [] which works on both Windows and Mac for $29.95. It uses the tried and true “envelope method” for keeping your budget. I’ve been using it for 6 months and I really like it. Plus the customer support is fantastic.

  3. jimbro says:

    EZ Money for the MAC is free, although it does not look quite as involved as this is.

  4. zl9600 says:

    I have used the sister program to this, iBiz, for a few years. I have to say that I would not trust this program, there have been issues with balancing, there have been issues with simple math. It used to be a solid program but they upped to a new version last year and like the new version of ibiz it has some very funky gui quirks and more problematic is that if you go to the forums ( you can find many many instances of bugs that could affect your bank account or numbers. I would not reccomend Ibank.

  5. mikyrok says:

    I have used iBank.. it is good, I just am unable to deal with using a personal finance program that doesnt link to my bank/credit card accounts.

    Besides that one (for me major) drawback the rest of the program is definitely solid. It runs smoothly and the budgeting tools are very powerful. If you aren’t lazy like me it is definitely worth the $50 bucks to use, you’ll probably find yourself saving more than that in the long run by using it.

    Also, if I am not mistaken you can get a 30 (Can’t remember if it is day or use) free trial.

  6. mikyrok says:

    @mikyrok: P.S. I like the new comment system consumerist, very nice.