5 Business That Were Nice to Us Lately

5) Anata Jones at the Hilton in Fort Wayne, IN made us an awesome omelet. She talked to the eggs and coaxed the omelet into folding perfectly without breaking.

4) Tomato-And-Basil gave us a $2.25 slice when we only had $2. They’re worried they will have to raise prices in response to rising milk costs.

3) Gorilla Coffee told us that our punch card that we’ve been filling up was only good for drinks, even though we’ve been buying bags, and we really needed to have been filling up a “bean card.” But they were nice enough to let us talk them into transferring all the punches over.

2) A Starbucks barista gave us a venti-sized cup of free water, over her co-worker’s protests that they’re only supposed to give out tiny courtesy cups of water.

1) On the way to baggage claim in the Fort Wayne terminal, elderly ladies greeted us and pressed free airport sugar cookies into our hands. They were soft and good.



(Photos: Ben Popken)

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