Disney Will Stop Making Painfully Embarrassing, Awful Direct To DVD Sequels, And You Can Stop Buying Them

Disney will discontinue their line of painfully embarrassing and awful direct to DVD sequels on the recommendation of Steve Jobs, according to MacWorld. We consider this a coup for parents, because no one older than 8 likes these steaming hunks of crap, yet they are extremely commercially successful.

We interpret this to mean that parents are wasting hard-earned money on awful DVDs. The last of the crappy sequels will be “The Little Mermaid III,” and then, parents, your pocketbook is free of Ariel forever.

On the other hand, this could be bad news for the parents of children who like to play the same movie over and over again… Sorry!

Steve Jobs directs Disney [MacWorld]


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  1. juri squared says:

    THANK GOD. The crappy sequels totally cheapen the value of the original movies.

  2. billybastion says:

    @jurijuri: I agree but the money made from these crappy sequels allowed Disney do other things like improve their parks, finance other films, etc.

    Everything has its purpose…You could even say its the Circle of Life…

  3. magic8ball says:

    Dear Steve Jobs, I don’t care if you never do another useful thing on this earth – today you have made the world a better place, and I applaud your efforts in behalf of mankind.

    Also: wtf? There was a “Little Mermaid II”? [puking sound]

  4. tcp100 says:

    Am I going to get lynched here if I say that just about everything Disney belches out is WAAAY overrated?

    I know there are a lot of real big cultish fans out there of everything and anything Disney, but the same goes for William Shatner’s TekWar novels, so that’s not saying much.

  5. superlayne says:


    Did anyone have to suffer through Mulan II? You then know the pain of horrible sequels.

    They ruined the charecters…

  6. ThyGuy says:

    I don’t give a shit if they make sequels to their movies, but for the love of god, put a little effort into them.

    Bambi 2 is the work of the devil and I pray for the screaming deaths of every artist who worked on it and for Patrick Stewart to piss himself every time he goes into public for the next year (Unless its for coming back to life in the next X-men). That would be fair punishment.

    These people didn’t think about making Bambi 2 like the second book felix salton made?

  7. Heyref says:

    I don’t think Bambi 2 is so bad. That’s the one with Godzilla in it, right?

  8. Mujuboo says:

    To tell you the truth, I enjoyed Cinderella III more than the original. As do my kiddos (3 & 2 yrs old).

    Lion King 1 1/2 was funny, Aladdin 3 was funny, and Fox and the Hound 2 was good.

    Other than that, most are good for renting, not buying.

  9. nardo218 says:

    Aladdin 2 and Cinderella A Twist in Time were really cute. I don’t think they’re so bad that they deserve vitriolic attacks.

  10. Brian Gee says:

    Disney, under the leadership of Eisner, went for quick profits and tarnished their reputation. I’d be surprised if the money made from the crappy sequels went much futher than huge bonuses for overvalued executives.

    The crappy sequels were purely to exploit an easy target demographic. It definitely cheapened the brand. While I used to think highly of Disney, they turned into one of the worst examples of corporate greed.

    As for the kids that like watching the same thing over and over and over, eventually they’ll grow out of it. Until then, there’s plenty of “DVD Backup” software. Back it up and burn it to a DVD-R. Let the kids watch it, and smear jelly on it, and step on it, and lick it, and throw it until it doesn’t work anymore, then burn another copy. You can keep that up even after the DVD goes out of print. Legality vs practicality, Disney isn’t likely to sue an individual who actually bought “Aladdin 3” for making legitimate, fair use backups for their kids to ruin.

    For bonus points, rip the DVD and put it on a digital video player that you keep on a high shelf. Then you’ll only have to replace the kids’ cheap universal remote control. I can’t imagine a kid could wear out a hard drive watching the same movie over and over.

  11. LowerHouseMember says:

    I liked the Aladdin sequels (and the TV series for that matter). Then again, Aladdin was the last thing that Disney put out that I enjoyed, Pixar movies excepted.

  12. TechnoDestructo says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the people buying these movies are the same ones who think Shrek is from Pixar, and every 2D animated movie ever released in US theaters is from Disney.

    They don’t care how good the movie is or isn’t. As long as it isn’t sexually molesting their children it’ll do just fine as a babysitter. (Even if it is mentally molesting them.

  13. MercuryPDX says:

    Do Not Want!

    [Rant] I despise Disney for swooping in on a culture, homogenizing it’s fairy tales and folklore to make a cute and cuddly cartoon with endless marketing possibilities and tie-ins, and then swoop out like nothing happened. Their ‘originals’ are merely watered down “edits” of cautionary tales handed down through the generations. Their Sequels show you the true creative genius that is Disney… or the complete lack thereof. [/Rant]

  14. Floobtronics says:

    Thank goodness the seemingly endless stream of crap will be ending.

    Aww shucks, and here I was waiting for Toy Story XXIV, Buzz Lightyear and the quest for the retirement home.

  15. tcp100 says:

    @MercuryPDX: Oh come on man, if it’s Disney, it must be good! Just set (your kid down in front of the TV) it and forget (about even checking the film out, because hey, it’s DISNEY!) it!

    Sure, Disney was creative and had some merit in the old days, but now? Yes, the stories are heartwarming and cute to the same type of people who read novels with Fabio on the cover, but have they really come up with anything new? They sell the same stories and exact movies over and over again, and then create artificial scarcity, making people believe their Pinnochio VHS is actually a “collector’s item”.

  16. slackerdeluxe says:

    I hate to point out the pesky little thing called Responsibility, but you Parents have just a bit of it when it comes to what your children consume (both food & media). I don’t care if Disney makes 17th sequels to each of their films. We don’t buy ’em and my kids don’t watch ’em.

    You can draw a line with your kids too (if you don’t like the product).

  17. Falconfire says:

    Toy Story was a exception, but the Toy Story ALSO wasnt direct to DVD which all of Disney’s sequels have been.

    Toy Story was ALSO not supposed to have a sequel. Pixar was forced into it by Eisner by basically saying either you do it, or we (Disney Studios, which still existed at that point) will do it ourselves.

    Two of the biggest things in Disney to save the company image came out of the Pixar buyout. Jobs has become a major power behind the rebirth of Disney, forcing through a slew of changes to the structure of the company that will reshape it back into Walt’s image from the 50-70’s, and Lasseter taking over as CCO for Pixar, and bringing back everything Eisner killed off from Disney Animation (essentially the entire studio since Eisner cut Disney Animation as a cost saving measure) with a renewed focus on quality.

    Its only too bad Joe Ranft was killed. While Im sure Pixar will soldier on, we have yet to see what a Pixar without Ranft will be like. WALL-E will be the first post Ranft film, though going by the recent teaser he was apparently influential in the early development.

  18. humphrmi says:

    Since Pixar effectively took control of Disney Animation Studios in the buyout, Jobs and John Lasseter almost immediately began killing stupid projects (like Toy Story 3) that were intended to harvest cash at the expense of diluting valuable assets. I am a long-time Disney and Warner Bros animation nut, and I wholehartedly applaud this effort. They are working to bring beauty and story back to the feature animation. Steve Jobs would probably be very popular with Walt if he were still alive. Good riddance, Eisner.

  19. galatae says:

    Never bought ’em, don’t watch ’em, thank GOD someone remembers what Disney branding is all about. I had hoped Lasseter would invigorate the animation division, but kudos to Jobs for telling it like it is, and it’s not always about the money.

    Of course it’s about the money.

  20. Falconfire says:

    Toy Story 3 is still slated for a 2009 release. The storyline though was killed and the rumored one being put into place is in truth the original Toy Story storyline when Tinny the Pixar toy soldier was still the lead character, Buzz was no where to be seen (as Tinny filled most of the roll of Buzz) and Woody was not a cowboy doll, but a cowboy marionette and had no name.

    They didnt outright kill it since a lot of production was already being put into place, but they are not going to rush it, with Eisner was going to do without Pixar’s help.

  21. Thrust says:

    Come on, no Old Yeller II? Yeller rises from the pet cemetary and feasts on the brains of its master?

  22. Jon Mason says:

    Its all well and good killing these films, but if Disney wants to keep making money they need something to replace them. It’s time to go back to what has made them a success: Timeless animated versions of classic fairytales/legends. This means they don’t need Jonny Knoxville or Ice Cube doing voices, or dozens of knowing in-jokes and pop culture references (Shrek, I’m looking at you). The Lion King is arguably the last film to be proper Disney, though the overlooked Brother Bear was pretty good… So come on Disney, give us new 2d animated versions of the classics that they havent already turned into successful Disney cartoons:Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, Ivanhoe, Goldilocks, Wizard of Oz etc.

  23. Falconfire says:

    Rapunzel is slated for 2009 or 2010 I think. Also another feature called the Princess Frog, or the Princess and the Frog or something like that is set to be released around that time too.

  24. Ola says:

    Toy Story THREE?! Tell me you’re joking! Please, tell me you’re joking! (Looks at wikipedia) You’re not joking.

    Toy Story 2 was good, but that was the EXCEPTION to Disney sequels. We can at least thank Steve Jobs and whoever else recommended that there be no more sequels.

    I mean, once you make “Cinderella 2”, it’s sorta gone down the tubes…

  25. Mom2Talavera says:

    Heck yes! I’ll drink to that! One time this girl came up to my daughter(4y) and asked her what her favorite “Disney princess” was.
    My daughter replied.
    “I don’t know what that is. I’m the only princess around here!”

    we are big Hayao Miyazaki fans

  26. Peeved Guy says:

    Definitely a good move. The sequels typically suck eggs. However, Lilo & Stich II was tolerable, to be fair.

    As far as funding the future ventures, etc. I suspect they make MUCH more money in the franchising rights to the characters than they do with making crappy sequels. I don’t know if is possible to do more of that, but I’ll bet they’ll try.

  27. slowenuff says:

    Crappy Disney sequel + 5 year old seeing Dumbo 2 commercial = Disney stock holders all getting yachts. Todays parents are wussies and need to learn to tell their kids NO!

  28. Pipes says:


    Miyazaki is fantastic. For one of my college classes I did a comparison between Disney and Miyazaki films as far as female role models (it was a Women’s Studies class – surprise!) I love Disney, but I never realized how very far short they fall on the feminist scale. So I’m constantly amused when people say Disney used to be good “back then” – they were by far the worst Disney films on a female role model scale. Even as recent as The Little Mermaid were Disney films pretty bad (she was obsessed with “things”, the female villain was ugly and fat). Girls should at least check out Mononoke before wanting to be a Disney Princess.

  29. Havok154 says:

    Little Mermaid III? Is that the one where Ariel gets stuck in a Tuna net and ends up as a can of “Chicken of the Sea”?

  30. bluemeep says:

    Ugh, thank God someone with power finally told them to knock it off. Considering I live down the road from the parks here in Orlando, it was actually pretty embarassing every time they released another one of these shambling monstrosities. Unfortunately I think the damage has already been done…

  31. Secularsage says:

    I loved a few years back when they released Peter Pan II and thought it was so good that it needed a theatrical release. I even read an article where a Disney exec was talking about how the sequels had the potential to be better than the originals and how this one definitely was. The movie was crap.

    To me, it’s like when American artists draw comics in a Japanese style. Sure, it looks Japanese to those who don’t know any better, but since it lacks the rigorous foundation of culture and art that Japanese artists base their own styles upon, it’s just a cheap imitation. These Disney sequels lack all of the artistic values and integrity that Walt Disney brought to the table.

  32. Falconfire says:

    for those Miyazaki commenters, you might be in luck, like you Lasseter is a HUGE Miyazaki fan (with many Pixar films have homages to Gibli features like Nausicaa hidden away in the scenes), and vise versa, and the two (Pixar and Gibli) have been rumored to be planning a 2D production for the last 5 years, though nothing firm has been set.

  33. scoopy says:

    OMG, how many of you dorks have actually seen Bambi 2?

    Look out Bono, Steve Jobs is now leading the “make the world a better place” movement. But… I’ll bet you can download “Little Mermaid 7: Chicken of the Sea” onto your new iPhone for ten bucks.

  34. Thrust says:

    @Mom2Talavera: Totoro for the Win. Pom Poko for the Rebound.

    @Pipes: Be like San from Mononoke? No no no, be like Lady Eboshi and watch em become cutthroat CEOs… CEO’s who may or may not collect Lepers.

  35. etinterrapax says:

    Well, as a parent of a kid who’s still young enough for me to make unilateral programming decisions, I’m relieved. I’m not about to go all Disney boycott, but let him watch it at someone else’s house.

  36. amazon says:

    I see a lot of Toy Story 2 is the exception to the Disney sequels mess, has everyone forgotten The Rescuers (crap) and its sequel The Rescuers Down Under (kind of good)?
    Of course, if it turns out that those aren’t Disney films I definitely deserve a mocking.

  37. pestie says:

    @tcp100: You won’t get lynched by me! Disney is like the Apple of the entertainment industry – overpriced and highly overrated.

  38. Thrust says:

    @pestie: Apple? Apple! KHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAN!

  39. i liked aladdin 3 and the timon & pumba tv show. i have a feeling lion king 1.5 will be good, but other than that, i’m glad to hear the news.

  40. LucyInTheSky says:

    when i read this, i swear to god, i think heard angels singing.