Taco Bell Employee Allegedly Spit, Urinated in Food

A family from Sidney, Iowa has filed suit against the owners of a KFC/Taco Bell after they were served food that was allegedly contaminated by an employee. According to the lawsuit, the couple’s 4 year-old son became “violently ill” after being served food that had been contaminated by an employee who “maintained ‘special servings'” of food contaminated with urine and saliva so that it could be fed to unsuspecting police officers.

The employee’s behavior was discovered by other employees of the restaurant who reported it to management. According to the lawsuit, the employee was not disciplined and was allowed to continue working for 2 months. The employee, Casey Diedrich “pleaded guilty to violating the Nebraska Pure Food Act and fined $100,” according to the Sioux City Journal. Yuck. —MEGHANN MARCO

Lawsuit alleges Taco Bell employee spit, urinated in food [Sioux City Journal]
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  1. B says:

    Only a $100 fine? That seems really low. Also, I’m pretty sure you can’t get violently ill from eating urine or saliva, although it could have been an allergic reaction.

  2. banned says:

    If people really knew what went on in kitchens they would NEVER eat out again. Spit and urine are the least of your problems. I’ve seen food get dropped on the floor, covered in dropped food from the day, wet and walked on, only to pick it up and serve it. I won’t even begin to speak of the really gross stuff I’ve seen.

  3. markedward says:

    Seriously… something like that should warrant some prison time.

  4. Buran says:

    @B: I would be worried about HIV or worse.

  5. bbbici says:

    No, you cannot get (immediately) ill from urine or saliva, or sex wouldn’t be much fun.

    well, maybe if the guy just chewed on some peanuts, and spat peanut chunks into the food, and the eater had a peanut allergy.

    anyway, i commend the taco-bell employee for tainting food for cops, but he should be more careful that it doesn’t go to the non-nazi-assholes of society.

  6. homerjay says:

    this story should conclude with:
    … and apparently it only IMPROVED the taste of Taco Bell’s crappy food.

  7. markedward says:

    My friends think I’m paranoid when I refuse to go through drive-thrus. But when I managed to catch a lady picking her nose while she was checking the burgers at a Burger King when I just happened to glance through a window (I got her fired, by the way), I only ever order from the counter anymore, because I can actually see them make my food and make sure they aren’t giving it “special treatment.”

  8. SaveMeJeebus says:

    Isn’t tampering with food a felony? Anyway, a coworker of mine has a police officer husband and she always brings in McDonalds and donuts that he gets for free. I wouldn’t touch them, but she will spend a few minutes inspecting everything before she eats.

  9. shiznannigan says:

    @bbbici: That last sentance there may have made your post the dumbest I’ve read on Consumerist, ever.

    I somehow doubt that you resist calling those “nazi assholes” whenever a crime is committed against you.

  10. Pelagius says:

    A Mr. Tyler Durden is wanted for questioning…

  11. bambino says:

    @bbbici: You won’t mind when someone removes you from society then, & the police aren’t called?

  12. pinkbunnyslippers says:

    Can I ask a couple questions here? 1, why is this now coming to the surface? This “incident” happened 2 yrs ago…isn’t there some statute of limitations here?

    And also, how did the family know this food had been tainted? Did they *see* the guy in the back taking a whiz into their tacos? Did they *see* the guy spitting into the food? Probably not.

    I’m not saying this family is lying at all, nor do I doubt the kid got sick. I’m just saying it’s WAY too hard to prove that their son’s illness was a DIRECT result of food contamination from this particular employee on that particular day and the time at which they patronized the restaurant…

  13. Beerad says:

    While $100 does seem awfully low for contaminating the food supply, remember that there will no doubt be a kajillion-dollar lawsuit coming against the restaurant (who will likely settle for a ton of money) and that particular employee (who will not, being broke and unemployed).

    Probably well-nigh impossible to prove that this particular freak’s actions are what made the kid sick, though.

  14. Beerad says:

    Bah, please disregard the apparent idiocy of my previous post. Disturbing that I’m cursorily reading the article to get to the comments section. Lawsuit obviously already arrived.

  15. bbbici says:

    We just had a cop here get fired for Tazering a jaywalker. A couple others tazered a sleeping man to wake him up. A young handcuffed woman was slammed face first into the pavement for calling a cop a bad name.

    Unfortunately the site “morebadcopnews.com” is gone, or you can read about how your buddy cops are (generally) a bunch of hypocritical, lazy, and abusive criminals.

    sure, you could extinguish me and call the cops, but it will take them 30 minutes to respond, even if the station is 5 blocks away, as happened last year when the cops here were informed of a homicide IN PROGRESS.

    Doesn’t anyone else think it’s somewhat mafia like for a cop to accept “protection money”, i.e. free food?

    Until a cop does anything of value for me or anyone i know, i will only judge them by what i have experienced and their publicized travesties of justice and abuses of power.

  16. Bay State Darren says:

    @bbbici: So, since they probably don’t like you from this stupid, stupid post, can I send some cops over to your trailer/halfway house/jail cell, etc. to shit in your food?

  17. Bay State Darren says:

    Oh by the way, does this site still kick out the biggest assholes? Ben, I nominate bbbici.

  18. Smoking Pope says:

    I knew a bunch of guys who worked at McDonald’s in the late 80’s who would regularly tell stories about what was being done to the food, stories so foul that I didn’t step foot into a McDonald’s for over a decade.

    Anyway, @markedward: Don’t assume that since you’re watching your food be assembled that it isn’t tainted. A couple of the stories I heard involved tampering with food in the back, while it was still in large containers.

    @bbbici: If ignorance were soft drinks, you’d be Coca-Cola.

  19. Namilia says:

    Urine and Spit are so commonplace, it would appal most people and turn them off from eating out again. I remember one drastic example where ina Hardees near where I live, a guy was caught and fired for jerking off in the peach cobbler. Similarily, I know for a fact that one of the usual kitchen workers at the Burger King likes to spit on the burgers and likes to add unusual things to them for “laughs” *shakes head*

  20. andrewsmash says:

    I don’t understand why this surprises anyone. If you offer poor wages, no benefits, and the world’s worst working environment, what kind of employees do you think you are going to get. You want to know why so many illegals end up in this job? Cause they are the only responsible adults who would be willing to put up with such lousy treatment. Anyone else would start seeking revenge after dealing with their third “I want excellent service without actually paying for it” customer.

  21. hop says:

    @bbbici:this guy,gal, or both?, is a real piece of work.hopefully he/she will never have occasion to need assistance from one of these vile persons…..if he/she does, i hope he/she informs the responder what is thought of the police….

  22. SaveMeJeebus says:

    Farva: Give me a double bacon cheeseburger.
    Dimpus Burger Guy: [into mic] Double baco cheeseburger. It’s for a cop.
    Farva: What the hell’s that all about? You gonna spit in it now?
    Dimpus Burger Guy: No, I just told him that so he makes it good.
    [into mic]
    Dimpus Burger Guy: Don’t spit in that cop’s burger.
    Farva: Yeah, thanks.
    Second Dimpus Guy: Roger, holding the spit.
    Farva: Gimme a pie… apple.
    Dimpus Burger Guy: Want me to hold the spit? Hah, just kidding officer Farva.
    Dimpus Burger Guy: Want me to dimpa-size your meal for 25 cents?
    Farva: Want me to punch-a-size your face, for free?
    Dimpus Burger Guy: It’s only 25 cents, and look how much more you get.
    Thorny: Look, kid, he doesn’t want it.
    Farva: I can handle this, Thorn. I don’t want it!
    Dimpus Burger Guy: Uhh, right. Beverage?
    Farva: Gimme a litre o’ cola.
    Dimpus Burger Guy: What?
    Farva: [Annoyed] A litre o’ cola.
    Dimpus Burger Guy: [into mic] Litrecola? Do we sell litrecola?
    Thorny: Will you just order a large, Farva?
    Farva: I don’t want a large farva. I want a goddamn litre o’ cola!
    Dimpus Burger Guy: [to Farva] I don’t know what that is!
    Farva: [slowly starts shouting] Litre is French for…
    [grabs burger kid by shirt]
    Farva: … give me my fuckin’ cola before I break VOUS FUCKIN’ LIP!

  23. timmus says:

    Man, I’m going to be eating at Subway for a couple of months now… at least I can see what they’re doing with the food. I don’t see too many assclown thugs doing food prep at Subway either.

  24. Youthier says:

    Fast food employees, work WITH your local law enforcement. Cops ate for free or severely discounted prices at my local Pizza Hut and all employees got off with “a warning this time” for any traffic violations.

  25. FLConsumer says:

    Hate to break it to you, but chances are you wouldn’t notice if someone had spit or pissed in your food. It may taste saltier, but considering how much sodium is dumped into fast food, I think you’d be hard-pressed to determine the difference.

    You most certainly wouldn’t become “violently ill” from consuming someone else’s saliva or wee. The only way you’d have any reaction would be purely psychological. I agree the idea of consuming other’s bodily fluids is revolting, but by no means is a health hazard. Urine’s normally sterile unless you have a kidney infection and saliva contains a natural antiseptic (lysozyme).

  26. bbbici says:

    It’s ironic when, despite faced with evidence, people still get offended when you call a cops hypocritical nazis, then the same people try to get you banished for simply stating your opinion, which is something nazis would do.

    You complainers are a little slow when it comes to remembering what freedom is and why many nations made incredible sacrifices to defeat fascism. grow up.

  27. Youthier says:

    @bbbici: I love that this comment is in a thread about Taco Bell, piss, and spit.

  28. etinterrapax says:

    My feeling is that this is the risk you run when you eat fast food. Violent illness from eating Taco Bell could be from so many things, especially considering the news re: e coli contamination of onions and other vegetables (not even to mention the hamburger). FLConsumer is right; spit or urine wouldn’t usually do it, even the spit of your average Taco Bell employee. Not unless your immune system had been coddled out of existence by Lysol-wielding parents (oh, wait…). Bottom line, connecting that event with a kid’s illness is going to be a significant legal challenge. Especially considering that it’s kind of a crime to feed Taco Bell to a four-year-old to begin with.

  29. Dibbler says:

    So the article said this happened in Sidney, Iowa but the person was charged with violating the Nebraska Pure Food Act? So when did the ability to prosecute state laws cross state lines?

  30. Crazytree says:


  31. Erskine says:

    @Bay State Darren:

    “Oh by the way, does this site still kick out the biggest assholes? Ben, I nominate bbbici.”


  32. Bay State Darren says:

    @bbbici: Thanks for the cop-hating link. Here’s some more on the topic of “hypocritical nazis” 1, 2, 3. Let’s see you do something worth a damn compared to them. You’d be shitting yourself if you were in their shoes. Be appreciative.

  33. Erskine says:


    It’s nice to hear the opinions of an elite competitive athlete…

  34. Smoking Pope says:

    @bbbici: You’re taking the actions of a few, and generalizing them to assert that all police officers are guilty of the same behavior.

    Having known a few cops in my life, I can assure you that hasty generalization is not valid. Believe it or not, there are cops out there that would put their lives in jeopardy to protect you, even if they knew in advance your asinine opinion.

  35. The HZA. says:

    Large Farva, indeed…

  36. Bay State Darren says:

    bbbici’s just pissed at the police because they locked up his favorite dealer.

  37. royal72 says:

    is that a meximelt in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?

  38. bbbici says:

    @Bay State Darren:

    re. item 1: while it is sad these officers lost their lives, it is not evidence that they never committed crimes nor abused their power.

    re. item 2: the cowboy actions of the police resulted in many civilians being shot/injured (potentially by police bullets), according to the Wiki entry.

    re. item 3: similar to item 1.

    anyways y’all, thanks for your spazzing leading to the comments about this taco bell incident getting off topic. I’ll be sure to only write fluffy pleasant comments that agree with majority opinion and don’t offend Christians.

  39. Bay State Darren says:

    @Erskine: Thank you.

  40. Watcherfca says:

    @timmus: After working a short time at Subway when I was sixteen I can safely say that it’s not better than any other fast food joint. Sure, you might be aware of what’s going on while they prepare the food, but not before you arrive. Sorry.

  41. rmz says:

    @bbbici: while it is sad these officers lost their lives, it is not evidence that they never committed crimes nor abused their power.

    WOW. This has to be a troll. It’s just too much concentrated arrogance and stupidity in one sentence to be real.

  42. Bay State Darren says:
  43. Invisobel says:

    Did it ever occur to the parents that their son became “violently ill” ….


  44. Bay State Darren says:

    @rmz: And troll should be banned.

  45. gamble says:

    Wait, so they don’t always add spit and urine to Taco Bell food? I thought those were the main ingredients.

  46. Smoking Pope says:

    @Invisobel: Hear, hear. I used to eat Taco Bell, but then my plumber told me my toilets couldn’t handle that kind of abuse.

  47. Bryan Price says:

    Let’s see, we ordered from Taco Bell the night before. Everybody’s order was correct except for me, of course. I ordered a double burito supreme with chicken and got (after everybody got theirs) a beef taco supreme that had a soft taco shell plastered to a crunchy taco shell with beans. I couldn’t even tell you what the receipt said since it was in their code. And then the quesadilla extreme I ordered was burnt. They had a survey number on the back to call in, and I did. They’re not going to be too happy about that.

    I won’t be going back to that one. Ever. And I may never go to another one either. I’m rather on the war path with food places that can’t seem to get my order right for one reason or another.

  48. ronaldscott says:

    @Buran: Pretty sure you couldn’t contract AIDS even if you sucked down a whole draft pint of someone’s pee or spit.

    OTOH there are probably other things you could get. DO NOT WANT, either way.

    And yeah, $100 sounds kinda light to me. What if he took a huge dump in someone’s Chalupa? Would it have been more then?

  49. bbbici says:


    I’ve been your comments and the themes seem to be whining about several people being trolls and insulting persons’ comments. Intolerant of others’ opinions or something?

  50. ubuwalker31 says:

    This guy should have been prosecuted for assault and battery.

  51. lestat730 says:

    All you can really do is be nice to the people who are serving you. When you think about it, many people who work jobs like this are not very happy with their current job. As a result, it wouldn’t take much for a disgruntled food service employee to mess with someones food for doing something that bothers them.

    While I’m sure I’ve probably had ‘contaminated’ food at some point during my life it’s nothing that I’ve ever noticed or that has ever made me violently sick. It’s best to just be nice and not think about it to much. If you go getting super paranoid you’ll never eat out again! Lets just hope that in most restaurants the employees have enough people working around them to notice if they do anything horrible. I mean, in this article you see that the other employees let management know about it.

    As for the measly $100 fine, that is completely ridiculous. This guy has some serious problems and really deserves to go to jail (or psych hospital) for at least a little while. I wouldn’t be surprised if he (or the restaurant) were sued for this.

  52. @bbbici: Exactly what the hell are you talking about?

  53. synergy says:

    I work with saliva samples where I work. I can’t tell you how many colors of the rainbow I see come in as “saliva.” The most common in yellowish/orange because the subject probably has gingivitis and their gums bleed.

    Because the people working in these types of jobs probably can’t afford healthcare or a dentist, I’m betting that their saliva has a little extra something from the inside of their mouths, most likely blood.

    Urine: I hope the urine didn’t touch any part of the outside of their body before making it into the food. There’s a reason you should have sex with a condom not the least of which is herpes, chlamydia, and who knows what else.

  54. Melov says:

    Let’s face it. Those of us who have worked in fast food before know exactly why this guy did this. The customer was a fucking dick.

    Some people expect far too much from fast food workers and bitch and complain about the littlest things.

  55. bnissan97 says:

    I am anti police and never been in trouble other than traffic tickets.

    I did work 8 months with the police, “pulling out my hair” to get the crack gal that lives across a 4 lane street and vacant lot from me silenced. She would bang on the dumpster and bellow. Fire trucks didn’t wake me up-but she did. The police had an attitude of “just put up with the noise at 3am”. “Yes that is easier than us having to do something”

    So for all the officers that didn’t want to handle the problem, “wish you had had that food!”

    I will say that there are a handful of officers of the law that have redeeming qualities. I worked with one and really liked her, and the one that moonlights at the grocery store is nice to talk to. Oh yes, and the one who when I ass-holed a car told me before I left, “I should be giving you a ticket for this but I am not.” That was nice of him. BUT— How can officers give tickets for something that they didn’t see themselves?

  56. MalichiDemonos says:

    Arguing on the internet is like running in the Special Olympics. Even if you win you are still retarded.

  57. laborer says:

    why would parents feed their children taco bell (or any fast food) to begin with?

    subjecting your children to neurotoxicity (via msg) is far more damaging than small amounts of human waste – which all fast food and major chain restaurants have.

    as i’m sensing the ingredients for human trash, i trust the parents are also smokers, who subject their children to those toxins as well.

  58. MariSama44 says:

    I had a friend who worked at taco bell, and someone used to work with him that would pee in the jalapenos every day.

    I dont eat there anymore.

  59. Elviswasntmyhero says:

    I’ll bet Dick Cheney’s shadow government could use someone of Casey Diedrich’s caliber. He and his Vice-President, Dumbya, have practically been feeding the rest of us the rhetorical equivalent of Casey’s “special servings.”