Ocean Spray Contains Dye Made From Insect Shells

Did you know that the dye used to color Ocean Spray is derived from bug shells? Ocean Spray contains cochineal extract, made from, natch, the shells of the cochineal insect.

Other products containing cochineal extract include: Dole Diced Peaches In Strawberry Gel Fruit Bowl, Sobe Lizard Fuel , Tropicana Orange Strawberry Juice with Calcium, and Robitussin Honey Calmers Natural Throat Drops.

Don’t worry, though, humans have been using the bug dye since Aztec and Mayan times, who used it for rugs and such. That’s right, from the people who brought you ritualistic virgin sacrifice, an exciting new taste sensation!

However, some say the cochineal’s natural dye is healthier than one made in a lab. Still, vegetarians or people with certain allergies will want to avoid products containing cochineal extract. — BEN POPKEN

(Thanks to NeroDiavolo!)

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