A Simple Guide To Setting And Achieving Life Goals

Zen Habits has posted a simple guide to setting and achieving life goals, and we think it’s great. A lot of life goals have a personal finance aspect, and this guide can help you get yourself organized so that you’re not just dreaming of a the day where you have the things you want, you’re actively working towards that future.

It sounds odd, but having something to shoot for and knowing what you need to do to to accomplish your goal will likely help curb your shopping cravings. Sounds crazy? Think about how many things you’ve purchased because you were bored and just wanted to buy something.

What if you had been organized and knew that money spent on nonsense was keeping you from progressing towards a well-defined goal? Would you feel the same way? Or would your nonsense budget get just a little bit smaller? —MEGHANN MARCO

A Simple Guide to Setting and Achieving Your Life Goals [Zen Habits]
(Photo: Chicago Tribune)

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